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Full Version: What is your favorite irc client.
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what is your favorite irc client.

My favorite is on linux is BitchX. http://www.bitchx.com/
when i did use it (for a very short period) it was chatzilla.
i don't do the irc thing.


MIRC is the best IRC client. It has its own scripting language/editor built right in. This 'scripting' language allows you to make IRC tasks MUCH easier, and allows you to customise the way mIRC acts on certain events. The NoNameScript is a popular script used by many to make the mIRC experience much 'better'.
I suggest you try this one out.


I really like X-Chat. I looked irssi . On Windows, I used to be a big fan of Pirch, but he ceased to be developed. Also tried to love VortecIRC which was somewhat based on Pirch, but it has never been good enough.X-Chat that I can use in windows or mint, so that its winner for me.