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Full Version: a poll: Books (some of the classics from literature)
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i have a huge amount of classic audio books, mainly done by libravox but a lot are pretty decent quality. i'm wondering what people think about having them upped to the forum? please vote yes no or piss off yer chaeeky bastard you're wasting my time Wink Big Grin
so we don't need no books then Huh
I prefer reading an actual book. Then again, people may prefer audio books, so let's wait for more responses.
I am pro. I was just thinking why all this effort if everyone can listen to this stuff by themselves at librivox?
But please go on with it.


Brandon: It is not about preferences but more about add-ons. Why not?
Like Burton's recitals of Thomas' poems: Why not have them handy?
lots of people have no idea and it may bring people to the site.
I d advertise for this site (I actually already did. It's good).
Skip the polls. Just do it.

to Brandon: yeah, sure. But it can't hurt to have it online too.
I have no idea
I'll always be of the opinion that the more resources we have, the better. Not everyone will use all of them. I don't Smile

Audio books have never been my thing, but my dad loves them, especially when he's driving.

Go for it, billy.
i have to say i'm not an audio book fan except of poetry. i just think they may as well as generate new members, give someone the incentive to actually read or listen to a book now and then. if my experience is anything to go but most under 20 will have read very few books.
whatever makes them read, no?

I already profited from two links you set: the Shakespeare and the Irishtorrent. So by any means go on.
as to audio books there are quite a lot on youtube. I prefer reading too. Short stories are ok with me (on audio).
think is, i don't want people coming here then fucking off on a journey to youtube in order to read or listen to something that lasts a long times. i'd like to get you here and keep you here Wink i try not to have adverts on the site except in a sig or unless it's really needed, like a you tube vid.
Yes. That makes sense. I did not consider that.

I like your adding of fine poetry (Dorothy Parker! Anne Sexton, Adrienne Rich and W Whitman too of course ) to this site. Where only do you find that?

poetry foundation is a great site. i convert some youtubes to mp3. i do get pissed at times though, quite a few sites sell leaves of grass for a big price, yet the works are public domain. basically they hire someone for a few bob to read a few books and then make millions. site like the internet archive should get funding to pat good speakers to capture the worlds rich culture of poetry in sound. they do a good job but a few grants would make a big difference. i did buy a waterstone version and broke it up when i realised how they and others capitalize on such works. poets in copyright is fair enough but public domain work should stay that way and big media companies would do well to promote such things for free downloads.
the internet archive is a very fine place. (for movies and music too).
I was not referring to the poetry texts but to the recitals.

The whole copyright bs just exists bc of companies making money with it. I "steal" texts (not just fiction) often and feel pretty good then. I refuse to feel like a criminal just because I read a text.
But I have most books in hard copy too and paid for them. There are public libraries and I don't understand (better:refuse to accept), that I should pay for reading a book on my pc which I as well could have loaned for free from a public library. It is an insult to my intelligence.
i'm okay paying for poetry by people who are living or just dead Smile and i'm buying more than i have time to read. the internet archive also does recitals most of the audio poetry comes from there or mainly from the poetryfoundation.org.
i've bought two books of poetry that members here have had published. here. they were well worth the money.
I will buy Leanne's book but am a bit unrich these days. so it will take a bit of time.
if you're poor bread is more important than poetry Wink
that is true but I am not that much into bread. I prefer liquids. ;-)
Beer is more or less like bread. Vodka too. I mean it is all from the same plants.
I'd record some Leaves of Grass for you, billy, but I'm pretty sure my accent would sound a bit silly reading Walt's stuff Smile

It's awfully pretty though. Most of it. Some of it, like with every poet, probably shouldn't have made the cut.
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