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Full Version: Stephen Hawking warns over making contact with aliens
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Aliens almost certainly exist but humans should avoid making contact, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.

In a series for the Discovery Channel the renowned astrophysicist said it was “perfectly rational” to assume intelligent life exists elsewhere.

But he warned that aliens might simply raid Earth for resources, then move on.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” he said.

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well,one can only hope that there exists another mind set out there,after all the chance that anything or anyone is as fucked up as we are is not that big mathematically ,is it?


What is the underling motivation for space exploration? I would say it is profit driven ultimately in the quest for resources and the control of them. This to my mind would not really change from species to species.
If they are smart enough to find us and come here they are looking for something other than making friends. We would be as bugs to them. JMO. Sending information about us into unknown regions of space has always troubled me.
i read his views on aliens some time ago. it seems they've resurfaced.

first off i agree that there has to be aliens out thier.

after than it's anyone's guess. i'd hope that if they survived long enough as a race to be able travel the universe, they'd have discovered some kind of harmony wit it. as for mining etc, i'm sure if they've again discovered how to do such things there's a lot more empty planets and moons to mine than inhabited ones. with luck they'll value life as something that's precious, unlike us animals here on earth.

i'd think we'd be fairly safe, that said we'd probably attack them first and get ourselves killed anyways.


LOL, it would be like swinging clubs and throwing rocks at nukes. Why would the consider us any more than bugs and wipe us out?
it has been stated by better minds than my own that to get throuh the nuclear age without destroying ourselves we have to learn to live together, we have to learn that life is the most important thing there is and that we should cherish it.

maybe the aliens have already reached that particular nirvana.


Yes I agree and was useing nukes as they are at presant the most powerfull that I know of. Alien technology however I suspect will be far more clean and efficient.
Humans as food for instance is one very good possibility. After all they are traveling through space in search of resourses, food being a major resourse it stands to reason.
of course they may be vegetarians lmao
and they may not be looking for food.
they may be able to convert matter. (remember they're a supposedly advanced civilization that can cross the expanse of space) who says they'll be searching for resources? they may well be they may just be explorers.
star trek and all that stuff.
they should warn off the chinese not to interfere with their food supply
lets get it back or topic or at least near it please/ mod


(04-26-2010, 01:45 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Or maybe they own this planet, and created us.

The Alien Theory

In the far distant past around 240 millions BC, an intelligent technological species of theropod did evolved on earth. This species developed space travel and established colonies in nearby star systems. The asteroid impact that apparently occurred 65 million years ago devastated this civilization as well as nearly destroying the entire ecosystem. With their home civilization on earth devastated, the colonies were left to evolved on their own. It would be likely that the earth would be monitored and as the ecosystem recovered these reptoids would resume operations on earth. Given the distances and effort involved to move resources back to earth, it is likely that a need to augment the local work force with a native labor force that could accomplish the more menial and laborious tasks. A simple means of acquiring this labor would be to utilize local terrestrial stock and genetically alter this stock as necessary to accomplish these goals. This idea is not without precedent, since mankind itself has done this with horses and other domesticated livestock. It is likely that this is how modern man was developed.

Given the current status of humanity, it is likely that problems arose almost immediately with this race, simply put, they could not overcome the instinctive aggressive and independent nature of the base stock. It was because of these problems that another subservient race was developed. This race however, was not derived from local stock but was engineered from scratch to fill the need and to overcome and prevent the problems encountered earlier. The result of this effort was the grays. It was discovered that for certain tasks, the independent nature of humans was a desirable trait, and also these humans proved to be a ideal host for the gestation of the gray's fetus. Therefore, although the grays replaced humans for most tasks, human were continued to be utilized within the society on a limited basis. It is from this human group that the Adamski/Meier humans might be derived.

After a time, the interest in earth declined, and only a small observation post was left in operation. Mankind was therefore left to develop on earth with only occasional interaction with its former inhabitants. In the meantime, the reptoids were continually modifying the grays, and developing specialized grays for specific tasks.
At some point, the grays evolved enough cognitive abilities to realize there status, and it is this faction of grays that is active on earth attempting to overcome their built in limitations. It is the remoteness of earth that allows this group of grays the required freedom of action.

To gain sustenance these grays must obtain certain nutrients and the simplest and most direct means is to mine them from local fauna.
To reproduce, the grays must obtain host females (called a "container"). Since utilizing the native population of humans currently carries little risk of interdiction, and no requirements for maintaining the host, this method is preferred. Specialized grays, (these grays are taller and more slender that the basic stock) developed specifically to work in genetic engineering labs, oversee these operations as well as the effort to cross-breed their race with humans in an effort to overcome the built in limitations. Females are taken, the DNA evaluated, and if acceptable, the female is tagged for future recovery. Males are also evaluated, and if suitable, tagged for future recovery, some of these males may be used to impregnate current stock of host females in order to assure the transfer of desirable traits to future hosts females.
Other activities involve evaluating the nervous and other systems and tissues in order to optimize the ongoing development their cross-breed's capacities.

The greys have several ongoing problems:

1.The need to increase their number as quickly as possible.
2.As their population increases, more support facilities are required and must be developed. This diverts needed resources from the effort of obtaining self sufficiency. Also as more excursions are required to obtain the suitable containers, the likelihood that their purpose will be discovered and coordinated native interdiction initiated increases. Also the sheer numbers required to continue the breeding operation mandates that they seek hosts in more densely populated areas.
3.As the local military capabilities become more sophisticated it becomes increasing difficult to maintain covert activities.
4.The master race may arrive and intervene at any time.
5.The governments that are aware of their presence may discover the true purpose of their activity and attempt active intervention.