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I am in the process of writing a poem about this..
how does it make you feel? Could you write a poem about this too?
I'd really appreciate it.
Maybe we can all collaborate our writing on this issue in some way



You don't have to put any of the link before the [youtube]. You can delete that part to the left of the video.

I'll try to watch this tomorrow, when I can use sound. Now there are people around.
sadly it doesn't make me want to write poetry, i see it, accept it as one of our many failing and that's it. there are much worse tragedies going on in the world that affects peoples lives. but i won't be writing poetry about that either. i just saw some pics of the holocaust, mounds of fleshless bodies and i'll not be doing a poem about that. horror doesn't make me feel like i want to write about it. i hope that doesn't make me seem cruel.
no it doesn't seem cruel. I understand what you are saying. I hope to see some one write something about improving upon what we can accept in this situation.. I'd love to see more poets writing poems about social and environmental change in general -

I don't think there are worse tragedies to be honest. I try not to put these situations into categories.. I think this is one of many tragedies, all tied together converging into one big tragedy that is our state of the world... in my mind our oceans are our external blood, plastic and the acidification of our coral reefs affect us all and will for years to come - possibly to our extinction at the rate of our throw-away society unless there is a change. A shift. A leap in a different direction.

The great pacific garbage patch is something like a silent holocaust, it is going to be looked at 20-30 years from now. People like this man can bring it to our attention so we can be made aware of how we contribute individually, accept it and work to change it. During the holocaust the masses didn't have this technological luxury leading to instant sharing and awareness. Everything is connected. The plastic comes from the oil which comes from the companies that influence our law makers that borrow the money from the banks that are experiencing financial collapse through giving us borrowed-empty-money to spend on this plastic that is poisoning the ocean that sustains our world...

I think part of our problem might be focusing on the past instead of being in the present and working towards prevention. I'm know I am guilty of it sometimes. problems outside of our control. Plastic is in our individual control. I notice people change their focus to "worse" tragedies which causes them to push other tragedies that might be in their control to the side instead of focusing on what is in their control. We can't control what we have done, we can only control what we do. We have made mistakes but we are making mistakes right now in the present - we can't change the past so why look at it as our biggest downfall (not that you are, but it seems that some people do), the past is only a reference point.

My poem is based off of this. Once my poem is done I hope you read it!
I appreciate your opinion and thoughts, I hope I am not getting annoying... I can't help but word vomit about these issues.


These sorts of things, I find easier to write about in prose. In stories. They become part of the settings. This is what the world is like. This is what the world will be like. This is the way the world might be.

Nobody here finds you annoying. And the ones that find your active enthusiasm for change annoying deserve to be annoyed.
Thank you Rowens