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Full Version: What the hell is Baidu?
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What the hell is Baidu?
It's like Chinese google.


What does it want? Is it a robot or something?
I've noticed a google bot too.
What do these do? And why are there so many guests?
Just like google, it has its little bot-thingies out all over the web to make sure that things end up in search engines.

If we didn't allow things like google and baidu, we wouldn't have a searchable web presence -- which is kind of death for a site.
Is this how the guests find us?
Google is how I found this place. One of the first results if you google "Poetry forums"


So that's why there's a secret place?
Yes, that's why there's a secret place Smile

Only logged-in members can view certain parts of the forum such as the Pig's Arse, the Sewer and the Member's Only Forum.
(01-22-2013, 06:44 AM)rowens Wrote: [ -> ]So that's why there's a secret place?


Edit: Nevermind