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Full Version: What next and when
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so now we have the netz.
what'is it going to evolve into next?
and in what kind of time frame.

i can wait for the roll out screen. i hear they;re doing some work on it but can't seem to find the source i read Sad


BitTorrent does seem like the way forward. But imo we'll see it huger than we might think. It could be used for other things onced developed Smile

And the internet (like the alphabet and qwerty) is just too good to be dtched for a long time Wink
i'm one of those people who know what a keyboard is, can look at a screen and can type a text. anything beyond that takes a lot more out of me Smile
i think in time the it evolve to need much less power. it will become much more of a do anything without touching it thing with built in upgrades of the hardware. (does that make sense?) something like a circuit board that has everything it needs imprinted on it. the portable version would be maybe a few ounces including the screen and battery. imagine the thinnest of the thinnest phone that's as wide and high as a large monitor. i def think the pirate scene will evolve into it's own netz which runs parallel to the internet we have to date. and it will be untouchable by the state.
(12-17-2009, 09:34 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Running parallel infrastructure using separate, redundant lines, probably won't happen, since the infrastructure cost would be astronomical. A more realistic approach, is that the file sharing traffic gets carried via heavily encrypted tunnels on the common public infrastructure.

We are already at a point where bit torrent trackers can be replaced by Distributed Hash Tables. At the moment, my MainLine DHT shows 4.4 million machines in the swarm, and my Vuze DHT shows 1.2 million.

Imagine a future file sharing client that had the built-in code in them whereby millions of these clients running live, underpinned the file sharing catalog sites between them, maintaining a fail-safe fully redundant server and database with massively parallel search capabilities. That would be true cloud computing. It would no longer be possible for anyone to turn off the catalog server, nor would it ever crash. And the enemies of file sharing could never find it, since it would be everywhere and nowhere. It would function as a part of the net itself, as long as millions of file sharers left their client running.
i may have phrased it wrong Sad

i actually meant by the parallel statement through the same lines, wirings either but separated in a way that couldn't be stopped. a sort of net within a net. as you can see, i'm not what you call well versed netz-wise.
the picture you guys are painting is awesome