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Full Version: And she must get free: Liu Xia
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And she must get free.

For Liu Xia 劉霞

because she cried on tv
I was moved enough
to talk for her
and those others already murdered by state like
Anna Politowskaya*
per ordre de Mufti as we put it ever so nonchalantly
but this is real and the time is now!
The time to help and try to interfere
Liu Xia is in prison now
and she must get free.
Don't let her die if you can, please


Га́нна Степа́нівна Політко́вська
give us some background stuff on the thing so we can discuss it

btw, i like the signature Smile
there is nothing to discuss. Her man is a well_known dissident of China.
Liu Xiabo
link here:
Anyway any help is welcome.
It is definitely difficult to get someone (absolutely innocent btw) out of a Chinese prison

re sig;
I like it too . It is by me. Maybe that is why. Who can tell. ;-)
it's often difficult to get anyone who is a prisoner of the state out from behind bars. i'm afaid he's not well known to me though it could just be a case of me forgetting a name or newscast. my seemingly obvious question (and i'm not being arbitrary) is; how do you get someone out of such places. other than allowing that kind of suppression to run it's course.
its about his wife, Billy. You are right: How to get one out there. But it seems, that publicity helps, which is the only thing I can do right now: Spreading the news. A public awareness is the first goal.
i'm presuming you also use youtube and social media as well. i have to say i'm not a person to follow cause. yeah i sign an odd online request etc but i've never really protested as such apart for once many years ago (apartheid) then it was a physical thing, you marched through townships etc, i know of the chinese artist and his fight, and i do remember something about this guy going to the usa and leaving his family behind and they then locked his wife up. but in general these things don't stick with me. i'm one of those rare breed of idiot whose sole concern is immediate family and friends. i say the usual expected things when i see starvation on the news then i forget it and eat dinner. i do wish there were no political prisoners or starvation but there is. i would and have donated but not out of shame or concern which is the usual reasons, more out of why not. i have a feeling that while we can't really help Liu Xia the world of commerce will. eventually countries with bad pasts seem to be coming more together in their humanity. i'm thinking it will be too late for this woman but i can remember twenty year ago when her plight would have been even worse. i'm also of a mind that sometimes bring a crime of humanity to light can push it deeper into the dark. look at myanmar 10 years ago., 20 years ago. now it' seems to be evolving, though it's still has problems.
well Billy, I just thought it might be helpful to raise a voice, nothing less and nothing more.
After all she is a poetess too.
yeah of course, but did you know this part of the pigpen is the discussion forum? and if something's posted here we discuss it Blush we also have a poet's discussion forum on the site as well. i didn't mean to offend
here is a link (in cantonese and putonghua) But I trust, you ll get it anway:


you are right about Myanmar. Very astounding to me that the military there seems to step back.