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Full Version: Looking for Suggestions.
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Hey, I'm looking for suggestions for an Bittorrent Site I have been working on.

My question is, what do you think an bittorrent website needs, what can greater improve the user interface and the looks.

If you owned your own site,
  • What features would you want on it, would you want to try to make the site as clean and nice as possible or pound the user with features?
  • Would you want to use ads on your site or just accept an user's generous donation?
  • Would you allow uploading torrents, evening knowing it is illegal in your country or have the staff upload more reliable torrents from other bittorrent site's?
if it were my own site.

uploading torrents isn't illegal
uploading copyrighted torrents without permission is.

do you mean a site like utorrent?

if so i'd say load what you will under the knowledge of what you load is your responsibility.

i hate the idea of charging. i can see ads paying for the thing but i hate the thought of that too.

maybe a button on the home page for donations.
yes,and keep it simple,some of these sights are so complicated [flashing this and that]that i usually go,fuck this,and go back to tpb
i hate the bells and whistles and awards and shit like that.


Thankyou for your suggestions, I have posted an page with them listed.



The links aren't working Undecided.

But I'd say a simple but classy lay-out. Aesthetics count, don't forget that.

If you do not have money to support the site, then go for ads. Most people don't mind them that much.

And lastly, if the staff uploads it the spread of genres will be minimal and site development will be slow. So I say let the user upload what he/she wants. But if you're not ready to deal with copyright outfits then I don't recommend illegal torrents. But then again that will draw less users.

Hope this helped Wink.


Here's another example of what the page could look like.

http://thehashden.com/torrentview.html <- no .torrent file or containing anything copyrighted.
the link isn't working


(04-19-2010, 08:16 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]the link isn't working

I took everything off, it won't be launched till another 3-4 Months. I have setup an forum to take place for it till the official launch. http://forum.thehashden.com/ The main domain is also an 301, Redirect.
sort the colour scheme out djh4u

the blue and khaki don't work in the forum.

whatever you do, make it easy on the eye.