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Full Version: HSBC
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got fined 1.3 billion (yes, that's billion) dollars for money laundering; a crime that usually gets people really big prison sentences, it also gets all their property taken off them (sequestrated proceeds of crime) so why is no one doing time? why did they not lose all their profits? why are others being imprisoned for these crimes but banks stay immune?

we have two hsbc accounts though it wasn't our cash they were laundering, we use Barclay for that Hysterical
because a person is a person,a bank is a bank,everybody hides behind the institution
[my pillow launders my money]
and you masturbate into your pillow each night because you want to come into some money?

it's true but why is it allowed. surely heads should have rolled, licences at the very least should have been withdrawn. but no, the reason being, without banks we have no society Sad send a dozen of them to prison and watch things change in the banking system.
But don't you know, billy, only working class people or lower can be real criminals.

Rich people just make bad investment choices.
why don't they nationalise banks if there short of cash, that way they spot where all the criminal cash goes and confiscate it. just pass a bill and woosh all those rich bankers are claiming food stamps instead of thieving.
because bankers and politicians sleep on one pillow,stupid
ain't that the truth, it's hard not to believe people are getting hefty backhanders
no,it's all above board,campaign funding and all that
I believe it's because banks are too big too fail. That is, countries are actually reliant on banks to keep them afloat, and it's the same situation for any country wishing to remain economically competitive. That's why government always bail banks out during a crisis.