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Who smokes an if ya do what brand,just wonderin do they still sell winston in usa
i think so cos they sell em in the philippines. i used to smoke em.

not had a cig for over a year now though.
when i smell ciggy smoke now it makes me want to heave.
good man
haven't inhaled for 5 years,still easely could have one
even better
jeez,that's expensive.
let's see,here you pay for good hash about 1/2 u.s.dollar a gram,weed is not produced here
you forgot the

[Image: Up97qZOL.jpeg]


If you're rolling weed, don't use cotton filter tips - that's just a waste. Dodgy

If, however, you do enjoy smoking recreational marijuanna then the tobacco I use for those occasions is

[Image: 035270.jpg]


Same. But it happens Undecided...

I don't really see the point in smoking tobacco though. It does more harm than good imo Confused


Tobacco will kill you sooner or later. Don't smoke.


(04-16-2010, 07:38 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]@ dan - there is no point in smoking tobacco other than the pleasure of smoking.

@ benny - everyone dies, sooner or later, even non-smokers.

Smokers die sooner. Sometimes alot sooner. It ain't a pretty sooner.
Young people think they are indestructible. I was young once so I do know. Don't smoke it will kill you sooner than you want to go.


Smoking is just a habit. I don't do it. If anything, I'll smoke something that will get me high - even if it does have tobacco in it.

But back on tobacco, DRUM is not that bad. It's cheap Smile.


(04-16-2010, 07:52 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]@ benny - that is true.
@ dan - √°guia is better than drum and even cheaper.

Unfortunately it's a local brand, specific to Portugal only so I can't attest Sad.

Have to admit that for taste Golden V i find much better than DRUM. Even though it has the slightly higher price tag Confused.



To the touch,i t feels moister than most tobaccoes. It also smells better and "heavier".

But it rolls easy because when it's fresh it holds together quite nicely, I've found.

I'm saying so much on the subject and I don't even do tobacco xD
i used to smoke javaanse jongens,too strong for joints[Image: Wr9nfjSJ.jpeg]
(04-16-2010, 08:11 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]you're right. when you roll it you must be a tad sloppy about it or it'll become pressed beyond smokable.

edit - you mentioned the scent of the tobacco... and it triggered a memory in my grey matter... the scent of holland house tobacco: it literally smells like perfume.
if you want the scent of tobacco, sit next to a pipe smoker.
the smell is fantastical.
(04-16-2010, 11:29 AM)bob5695 Wrote: [ -> ]1/2 zware SHAG ???
LMFAO i never thought of thatHysterical
1/2 black shagBig Grin
yahoo took me black shag away Sad
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