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Full Version: Flirting Formula
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Flirting Formula

Do you often have the problem of not having the courage to walk up to a beautiful woman and talk to her?
Do your hands get all sweaty and your heart is racing, you think it might jump right out of your skin?
Besides you just become tongue-tied. You just can’t think of a thing to say and there she is walking away.
You lost your chance.
Why not learn all the techniques that the guy with all the women hanging all over him knows?
*Learn to walk up to a woman and know what to say with confidence using great body language.
*Learn how to make her smile and have fun.
*Learn what to say and how to keep the conversation going.
*Learn how to have her on your arm as you walk out the door. Instead she is leaving on someone else’s arm.
*Learn what moves to make to take at the end of a date so she keeps on thinking about you.

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