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i would like to know if there is any real alternative to google.
is there any search engine that is in ascendance and comes anywhere near?
what are your experiences?
i usually use yahoo but google now owns that.
personally google is the search engine of choice now,

microsoft are bringing out their own new search engine which may be as good as google but i'm doubtful
yahoo, ask.com
what makes google so good?
i agree with bob. i always use yahoo image search first.
From what I know, Google has better usability than other search engines, and displays more relevant and extensive search results than other engines (except for in images maybe, as you guys pointed out).

I'm an average user so personally I can't tell much of a difference, but most experienced software analysts seem to agree. Still, I wouldn't say yahoo is "abyssmal" by comparison (it's pretty good to me) so if people really want to switch from google than sure, there are options.
yeah but yahoo is basically google with it's dress off now.
(04-07-2010, 03:58 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]yeah but yahoo is basically google with it's dress off now.

LOL so true Big Grin