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Full Version: new isreali weapons systems.
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The Trophy is the latest in a series of new systems. State-owned Israel Military Industries is producing "Iron Fist," an anti-missile defense that is expected to be installed on Israeli armored personnel carriers next year.

That system takes a different approach from Trophy, first using jamming technology that can make the missile veer off course, and if that fails, creating a "shock wave" to blow it up, said Eyal Ben-Haim, vice president of the company's land-system division.

State-run Rafael is also developing "Iron Dome," which can shoot down the short-range Katyusha rockets that rained down on Israel in 2006, as well as Hamas rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Iron Dome is expected to be deployed by this summer near Gaza.

The Israeli air force recently unveiled a squadron of unmanned airplanes capable of reaching Iran, the key backer of Hezbollah and Hamas militants.

Rafael has also developed an unmanned naval boat called the Protector, which it says is already prowling the waters off the Gaza coast. The Israeli navy confirmed the Protector is being tested, but gave no further details.

the above is basically the gist of the source which i'll post should someone want it.

to me it seems the Israelis are gearing up to go to war. iran must be thinking WTF if it's read this report.
yes,give us the link
(04-03-2010, 05:20 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]yes,give us the link
what a twat Hysterical ok, give us a minute please.

here ya go. source:


Iran will not put up with Israel for much longer. Sadly, Israel won't either. There is alot of tension building up.
i have a nasty feeling that if isreal can make her tanks attack proof irans days will be numbered and so will Palestines. once it starts they can smash to fuck whatever they want and then say, oops sorry. as long as hamas sends over rockets and hezzbolah does the same no one can say anything. after that they'll build on the whole of the westbank because palistine will be flat and iran will be ass fucked. (i think )
i agree and the stakes are high for the Israelis at the moment.
pretty soon most of the world will be against them over the building on the west bank and gaza strip.

if they do a pre emptive strike and blame it on the few rockets which are still being fired no one can really stop them. pretty soon they'll be ostracised anyway.
the jews have had their taste at being ostracized for so long,they decided to do the same back to others.
you have a point but i'm pretty sure they'd hate to end up like the palestinians. (though i know it wouldn't happen) trade restrictions would really fuck up their economy.

i just get a feeling they're going to go for an all out war pretty soon.


Have these people not been at war for thousands of years? They will continue to kill each other with new weapons till one side is completly gone I think. The states keeps funding them also I beleive and I do not think it helps the situation any. Just my opinion but it seems futile to try to stop them from war between themselves. They just plain don't like each other and they are raised that way I think.
true but it would be nice if just once we managed to help someone live side by side in peace. it's not gonna happen but we have to try.
(04-05-2010, 06:59 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]you have a point but i'm pretty sure they'd hate to end up like the palestinians. (though i know it wouldn't happen) trade restrictions would really fuck up their economy.

i just get a feeling they're going to go for an all out war pretty soon.
yes,you might be right,Bill,to prevent the iranians from getting the bomb probably,never mind they've got them themselves,but that's ok
the rest of the world may not be able to close them down but they could certainly make it harder for them to carry on their trade with the outside world lol


What I'm afraid of is other Muslim Nations. They will not look upon an Israeli attack against a muslim country very lightly.

Without the Western backing, Israel could be facing more than one country.
there's on'y two maybe three countries who would try and do anything. two of them are already at loggerheads with isreal palestine and iran. syria while it has a decent airforce it doesn't have the israeli pilots or technology. if the joined in they would lose all that costly equippement. jordon would be a possible fourth nation to join against israel but it would simply be a token participation. if they have the new technology they supposedly have they could take on all the arab nations and wins without it they could still cause enough damage to the the main arab countries to claim it as a win. (jmo)
the only thing that can wipe them out is a nuclear device,that's why they're so paranoid about Iran
the same you can say the israelis would love to nuke teheran
i really do think something will happen in the region pretty soon.within the next 6 months.
you have applaud the israelis for their balls.
doesn't take that much balls when you know who's backing you up
if israel go kami kazi i'm pretty certain the usa will stand well back lmao.
i don't think they'll do much without the backing of the usa
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