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Full Version: belgium and the burka
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it seems belgium will become the first country to ban the burka in public.
what are you views on the subject. personally i can understand why their scared of face covering and to some extent agree with it. my only problem is where will it end. will hoodies have to stop wearing hoods. will we have to stop hiding behind menus when we look at women in a cafe.

TBH i dunno why they hide their faces anyway...those women are so georgous...i have Egyption cousions they are all girls..and it is so sad that they have to wear veils it think it is wrong
maybe but they prob think it wrong to expose it.
should they be legally forced to show their face outside their country of origin?
aha but before they actually moved to egypt they lived in london for many years until their father sent them to egypt..why send them to egypt in the first place..they could have stayed in london with their freedom..i just don't beleive in that rubbish

actually they are english they were born there
and what about the hoodies hood that cover the best part of the face?
do we ban those as well.

i can as i said see the sense behind it but is it too strict to ban it in all public plaves. as opposed to aiprts and sea ports etc.

as for you relatives dubs. that was the choice someone made. that said the burka wearing women or their spouse chose for them to go t belgium.


This will spark massive outrage. But to be honest, I don't think it's one of the most important resolutions.

Now Belgium and Switzerland look like musulmanphobic countries... But what are the gains in this? You can't prohibit them being muslim. And how you going to enforce it, as Billy said? Going to arrest someone for what they are wearing?

This will cause outrage, I'm just saying. And I'm not even sure if it brings that many benefits. If it does then good, but I cannot see that many just now.
From what I understood from the article they said clothing that will obscure the face, so it's not just burkhas... I think it could include hoodies. Or maybe they'll allow hoodies if the hood is kept down?
i think it's a sign of times. everybody is scared of their own shadow due this or that explosion on this or that piece of public transport. for me it's understandable but i'm not sure if it's morally right.

what would happen if western females were forced to wear burkas in the muslim countries. imagine the outcry at that. if you're not wearing a burka you can't leave the plane.
that's what happened to me in the 60's.wanted to go to morocco,on the spanish border we were told to cut our hair or we couldn't get in,so we said fuck it and turned around.on the subject of burka's,i find them pretty ugly but everybody should be allowed to wear whatever they want.as far as security is concerned,what if they decide you can't wear long overcoats or baggy pants because you could hide a bomb under them?where does it stop?there should be another solution to these things
some good points sj.
That is a VERY good point SJ. It could prove a slippery slope (banning overcoats, banning shades, banning facial hair). They should just focus on other security measures. As it is this is turning volatile because they look like they're singling out a minority (which I'd like to think they arent trying to... but they probably are underhandedly Sad)
again good point addy.

but today in the newspaper, a christian nurse was told by a court that she can't wear her crucifix and allow it to show in case patients grab it, but muslim nurses may wear a head scarf?
the nurse in question has won her cross for the last 31 years and i can't for the life of me remember reading of anyone being hurt in a hospital by grabbing someone's crucifix?
(04-07-2010, 03:54 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]but today in the newspaper, a christian nurse was told by a court that she can't wear her crucifix and allow it to show in case patients grab it, but muslim nurses may wear a head scarf?

Seriously? And they decided that in a courtroom??? Geez, I have no words. (What are the circumstances? Is there a "no wearing of jewelry" rule for the nurses or something?)

Maybe in their rush to be perceived as religiously impartial, some governments go too far and end up attacking religious practices and iconography, which isn't the point.
i think thats what it is.
she can wear the cross if she hides it under her lapel so a patient can't grab it.