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Full Version: What Are Angels?
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What do you thinks angles are,
and why do people believe in them so much?
I'm not really expecting this thread to survive
in the discussion board, but let's give it a go.

personally i don't believe in them. for those who state they've seen them
i thinks they either saw what they wanted to see or had an over active imagination.
or took halucigenic substances


I've never seen an angel
Aside from my children at birth
but i have seen a demon
and twice to be true
So the first must also exsist.


Stupid devils
my partner said she once dreamed i was an angel.

i kid you not lol.
you cut me deeply :p

if there are angels, where do they originate from?
do they grow?


do you believe in anything that you can not see?


Ofcourse but when i open my eyes there is proof, where is the proof?
There is only a strong beleif and for some the opening of an eye but their proof to them can not be proven to others.
hard one.

maybe serendipity, though i do think we can alter our fate.
nature. i think it's laws work with or because of some kind of reason.
maybe there's a phenomenon or two which i can't see that exist.
a hidden sense that lets us know the phone will ring or who's at the door.

thinking about it, i guess there's quite a bit i can't see that i believe in.

Nice to see you jumping in Smile

off topic.

the sewer is not for the light hearted.
an eye is just an organ which lets you see what it can perceive[pretty deep eh?]
believe in things don't make them real
they do for the believerSmile
or they make things seem real which admit isn't the same as being real
what are we getting into here?next question is,what's real?
somebody with a religion could answer that one i guess.
nope lets keep on angles
i wonder if we have to be religious to
believe in angels. do they have to have the wings and stuff.
if theres such a thing as sub space, does anything live in it?
why not?what are they gonna do?
jerk off with their toes?


Sub space....yes i have read somewhere that sub space is a real place. It stands to reason that something should exsist in any place that is real or can be proven to be real.