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Full Version: new offshore drilling
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should it be allowed. will it hinder the generation of power by non fossil fuels. while alaska has been left as is almost) the same cannot be said for other places.

i'd like to see some of the profits made pumped into alternative energy sources. in fact i'd love to see oil companies whacked with a percentage of their profits going to fund wind farms solar stations and other projects.


It was alright being green during campaign season. But when you're elected, the problems hit home.

He is being held with his hands tied behind his back imo. He might be against it, or it might of just been a farce for campaign purposes. But for all we know America needs that rich black gold that everyone is so fond of.

He can't change the whole nation to go eco, overnight. If the oil prices rose, America would be in a very sticky spot considering most of American cars run on petrol/oil distillates.

By doing this, I think Obama is trying to secure some oil. He might still want a greener World but he has to face reality; America needs that oil.

But it obviously goes against his promises, but it's not the first time a politician has talked the talk, but walked the other way.
of course he's doing it for votes.

at least they're slowing down the drilling in alaska.
hopefully by the time any new oil fields come on line the usa will need a lot less from fossils.