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Full Version: Do you waste food
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e.g if i made just say cabbage and bacon with spuds "potatoes" an if ya had loads of spuds left over would you throw them out???

me no cause i think it's a terrible waste just thinkin of all of those starving people,i would make a cottage pie out of them the next day

What would you do???


I love re-fried potato's and gravy.
i try not to waste food but i have no qualms throwing it away if it's been in the ref a bit too long.

i tend to make billy stews or billy noodles or billy curries with leftovers.
i usual slice the left over meat into thin strips. fry it with an onion and garlic add any left over veg and carry on frying for a while. add a few packs of instant noodles and whatever water. two teaspoons of chicken powder. some hot sauce and chilli flakes. to flavour.

other than that
i again cut the meat into thin strips. add an onion and some garlic. a few fresh chilli peppers diced. some green beans etc fry them up in a red hot pan, add a splash of soy a spoon of chicken poweder and serve with rice.


Yes. Not that I want to, but sometimes bread goes off or milk curdles.

Somethings I eat if they've fallen on the floor (ie biscuits) just after i blow on them. When there is surplus food that I can't stomach anymore, I at least feed it to something who will eat it. There's always birds and mongrel cats in the neighbourhood. Birds can eat dry or mouldy bread....

So yes I do very occasioanally. But not on purpose as I try to avoid it.


We throw out lots of food. Stuff goes bad before we use it. If I put it out for the birds I get bears or coons. If I put it out for the cats I get coons or coyotes. I bag it and lock it up in a garbage barn till collection but the bears rip through the walls to get at it. Food going bad around here is a major pain in the rear end.
we gave it to the cow and the dog,when we had them till a few years ago,once we go back to the farm,we'll start again
throw out potatoes?never.fry them up,i say
now and again we have a few veg that need to get slung. and left over sea food now and again.

other than that it's just morsels. sometimes something slips past the net but like i say, it' isn't much. most of our left overs are added to and recycled. that said, it doesn't bother me to throw food out.
(04-01-2010, 12:40 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]I have a large compost container in the garden.
Most food waste goes in there.
thats one good way of recycling it.


Composting attracts beers here lol. Have a patato garden to attract the deer. Tongue
beers sound good Tongue


Thats what I was thinking! Big Grin Typo but you know what I meant to say. Tongue
yeah. lol. thats the rouble with living so close to nature (and big bears)


It's a pretty small inconvenience the amount of food wasted here because we live in the country in comparison to the amount of waste and pollution that goes on and real monsters, freaks of nature that inhabit the city's.
excuse me


(04-01-2010, 06:37 PM)DUBLIN5 Wrote: [ -> ]excuse me

imagine the wastage of food in hot climate?
i can't leave anything outside the ref unless it's gonna be eaten within a few hours.


(04-01-2010, 11:51 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]imagine the wastage of food in hot climate?
i can't leave anything outside the ref unless it's gonna be eaten within a few hours.

I know a bit of what it feels like, but not so harshly. We have problems with flies on the food though Undecided.
eat the flies aswell
are flies poisonous to eat ?


(04-02-2010, 07:05 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]are flies poisonous to eat ?

Prolly not. But they carry diseases as they lay eggs on food and faeces. So if it's landed in dog crap and then lands on your raw cod, you'll prolly get some nasty stomach bug Undecided
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