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Full Version: A Kyrielle
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On Giving Up The Drink:

He spoke my name as clear as day
and asked me if I'd like to play.
A teddy bear that sang to me;
I thought it odd, it couldn't be.

He offered me a fat cigar
and took some biscuits from a jar,
then set the table, made some tea.
I thought it odd, it couldn't be.

His mouth was stitched, his eyes were glass
A bruin with panache and class
"One lump, and cream, a slice of brie?"
I thought it odd, it couldn't be.

We ate the cheese, some crackers too;
the creamy sort with veins of blue,
upon his leg I saw a flea.
I thought it odd, it couldn't be.

A flea that liked to play charades
while wearing minute Oakley shades.
It jumped about and laughed with glee
I thought it odd, it couldn't be.

Eventually as night wore on
the drunken flea and bear had gone,
so I just sat there all at sea
and thought it odd, it couldn't be.

put here as Tom suggested,
Sorry billy, busy week that has led to no thought about kyrielles Smile

This is certainly a funny poem, but as is the case with many of the better funny poems, it's also got quite a depth to it (in light of its original title, which I'd like to see here as well). The implication of spending time in the company of one's talking teddy is that drink has driven the real companions away. Meter, rhyme and form are all spot on, making the poem so much more enjoyable.

Not a bad effort, sir!
A nice bit of nonsense that does indeed have a shade of darkness to it. I like the stiff upper lip of the narrator too, lent a lot more comedy to the piece.
i always state that a poem is much more with a title and here i am leaving it out. it was absurd of me to do that.

i enjoyed it as much as i used to enjoy the drink Big Grin thanks for the kind words.
Jesus billy sounds like you've a bad case of the DT's!! But seriously it is a clever write with a lot of depth behind the humour, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as always you establish a very human frailty behind your wit, cheers mate! Big Grin
i have been known to be paranoid for a brief period in my life Big Grin
glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment Smile
I have really enoyed reading this, it canters at a lovely pace and is packed with dark goodies and 1080p images.

A flea that liked to play charades
while wearing minute Oakley shades. made me, laugh out loud.

just mercedes

I like this Billy - you've followed the form with precision, so your poem flows easily. There's such a sad tone to the refrain line, for me - as if the Narrator doesn't quite trust his own eyes, or his thoughts. I like the details, the appearance of both bear and flea and the out-of-world feeling that allows the bear to talk and the flea to laugh. I love the word 'panache'. You've executed the form 'with panache'.
thanks jm, it a rarity that i succeed at the poetry exercise so i get all emotional when i do. BegConfused
that TOMH for the good words. Smile