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Full Version: at last. a sensible court
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The high court struck down a 7-year-old state law that imposed an 8-ounce limit on the amount of pot medical users of marijuana could possess. The court said patients are entitled to a "reasonable" amount of the drug to treat their ailments.

heres the source;

you have to love california :pirate::angel:
i agree but a few kilos could be classed as a little top heavy Tongue
i agree with the fog,never mind the amount,nobody's business
so it's politics,is it?
that and income for an almost bankrupt state.


So as long as you have the money, marijuana is bad. But when you're bankrupt it's acceptable to smoke it again x).

Politicians, eh?
imagine it in every state.
let the hippy and the infirm save the economy Tongue

and yep dan as long as they make cash they don't give a shit lol