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Full Version: Oldest poem
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Tongue I wrote this at 15/16? It's the oldest poem I've kept ever.
It used to make perfect sense to me, but I actually can't quite remember what is all means... I might trying analyzing it and trying to figure it out haha.[/u]


Can you see me? Touch me?
Breathe me? Believe me? Dream and conceive me?
Yes, said the moon to the sky
No, said the man to the fly.

Leave the darkness behind,
step into the light, reach,
paths torn through clouds,
endure me awhile.

Knock, knock,
Who could be there?
Just the wind blowing
through your hair.
Let me caress you, love you,
pour meaning through your eyes,
for they are but your own.

You, who listen,
the whispers are naught but
lies, fraught with nonsense.

Sometimes I eat while I sleep.
Eat away, defiling the cancer of my thoughts,
I, who have many faces, many names,
and yet leave few traces.

I have seen beggars become kings,
but you amuse me more, in a
"what the hell is wrong with you?"
kinda way.

“I am become death, destroyer of worlds. ”

Or maybe not.
this is decent solid with pretty good emotion keep up the good work