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anyone know what type of programme i would use for converting a movie to 700mb...e.g just say i d/loaded a movie that was 888mb an i wanted to get it to 700mb??


^^ what he said. Wink
yeah but the movie still came out as 1.33 gig's


(03-27-2010, 09:45 PM)DUBLIN5 Wrote: [ -> ]yeah but the movie still came out as 1.33 gig's
You can preset the size before you run it through but the quality will suffer.
You could try to use another codec. For instance if it is an xvid you could try divx
If it is divx 5 or 6 you could try 7. There are other codecs for making smaller files and retaining a bit more quality.
I don't do recodes myself so I am not familiar with all of them.


Quote:6.3- I used to use old XviD and now I switched to XviD 1.0.x. Since then I _always_ have _very_ undersized/oversized files. What's the problem?
- old XviD has to be uninstalled properly, i.e. just installing new 1.0.x over it is not a proper way. Try uninstalling old one, then reinstalling new one.

Is this your problem?

Check the FAQ: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=72679