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Full Version: willy's poetry class for newbs and nutters.
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We seem to have enough decent poets and enough on the verge of being on the verge of decent, (i'm in the 2nd lot) to the extent that was wondering if we could have some easy poetry classes where we can learn about things that matter in and through laymen's terminology.
ie, two rhymes;

normally people would shout; they don't rhyme.

in laymen's terminology we could say; put the booze down and redo the rhymes cos you screwed them over and they aren't doing it for me....

basically it's classes where we can have fun while learning a little at a time.
no real thought to the actualities of what a sonnet are or how a sextet is. i'll run the class and will be ecstatic should those wiser than me point out that my teaching skills are shot to shit and that's the way it should bloody well be. (it's why i'll only be doing the really basic stuff)

the Hope is, that anyone and everyone no matter what their pay grade or level of competence is will take part. i really want to set up a new forum for this venture with the title of the the subject heading in this thread.

interested parties must (though i can't lick your ass with a cat o' nine tales if you don't) take part and visit the threads therein on a fairly constant basis, leaving feedback and trying the exercises. this is okay for you too SJ, and others who profess to know little about poetry. this will be like the kindergarten of poetry classes Hysterical

so please help me out here boys/girlie's and vote yes if you have a good and kind and mischievous heart.

i obviously vote for yes on many counts.

where i said vote yes, i meant on the questions that say you'll help, what ever you do don't vote yes where it says you won't help...please Blush
I will proudly support Willy is his endeavors to teach the blunt arts of poetry to all of us. I'm sure he is a knowledgeable person and likeable as well. When do we get to meet him? :p

You know you can count me in Boss.
Willy's poetry kindergarten class. I love it already Hysterical
two devotees already Blush

can you use the poll to state what options you'd be best with please.
Sorry I forgot Smile *exits poll*
I kinda thought we had that already Sad... but if nobody wants to play with me, someone else can try out the driver's seat.
i'll be willyHysterical
(06-26-2012, 11:18 AM)Leanne Wrote: [ -> ]I kinda thought we had that already Sad... but if nobody wants to play with me, someone else can try out the driver's seat.

no no no. this will be in the same section as the pig pen if it happens. and will be more irreverent in it's teachings. (really basic) i promise it won't infringe on proper education. think of it as preparation for the headmistresses class Wink
so there we have it then, wonky willy's poetry class with a difference....you'll learn nowt. i shall orf and built the infistructi so we can get down to somfink simpltons can almost grasp...pay attention sj,
sj has always been able to grasp his willy
he should have no probs then Big Grin
i will be trying
yes, very trying Hysterical

I think your meaning of basic is beyond me :p
Actually, learning the nomenclature is about as basic as it gets. It is difficult to delineate a poetic form if the person does not know the meaning of such terms as foot, meter, and so on, and that is about as trying as it gets!

meter will dealt with in the class run for grown ups in leanne's schoolroom Wink

my feeling is that many need to learn the abc before they can read, or write a paragraph.
i'm going to try and show the basic building blocks such as originality, rhyme, and getting something down on paper (loosely speaking). the class will be long and if people take part. fun and funny. at the end of it they will hopefully be able to take part in some of leann's poetry practice sessions.
the forum died a tragically horrible death, how i wept Sad
(07-16-2012, 05:41 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]the forum died a tragically horrible death, how i wept Sad

Perhaps it was the following/holding willy's in kindergarten that confused??? Wink
no michelle, they just hated my brilliance Dodgy
It is clear that some participants cast multiple votes . . .