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The thing is we are already well beyond what is a sustainable population indefinitely. Despite all the recycling, iron continues to rust, and plastic doesn't. There are quite a number of materials which have a very limited supply, and we have no way to replace those materials. We are like an unemployed person who has twenty thousand in the bank, but is spending a thousand a month just to keep his head above water saying, "well I have it covered for the foreseeable future!" It is like in science fiction, about every possible future was imagined, except for the one where we turn into a selfish coward and decide to support the status quo, neither going to the stars, nor annihilating ourselves (although there's still time Smile ) Despite our technology, we are no more able to predict the future than the Greeks were.

that sums it about up

just watched a docu called oceans of plastic,seabottom covered in plastic,floating around everywhere in all seizes,strangled animals,stomachs full of plastic,very depressing
Yes, we are decreasing everyone's population but our own. I've done my part, I only contributed replacement parts, no excess! Since they want to do the stupid voucher thing, why not do it with reproduction?

You know the sad thing is we have already given the people's responsive government away, even though in actuality that hasn't happened yet, we have already created the necessary conditions that will in a very short time necessitate the government taking control of reproductive rights. Thus it is quite probability we are living in the last days of any free society, or free thought as far as the human race goes. By the time the environment, accessibility to resources, and a way to produce power without further depleting the resources we have left in order to do so. In other words, those conditions that must be met for a representative democracy, to be an available form of government types, from which we have to choose. I think you will see the hereditarily descendants of what are today the multinational companies, becoming the new Royalty, as and inherited tyranny is the next stable form of government form back down the energy tree from representative democracy. Of course it is by no means certain that we will be able to stop the free fall into
Says Riffraff to Brad

yes,that makes a lot of sense,i think we are free falling already
You and Tom Petty Smile
so you two are of the mind there's no hope?
Considering the doped smoked between Tom and SJJ, I think the best you can get is one mind! p)

or even possibly half a mind Wink bugger me this GD; so back on topic.

how would product be harvested for such a thing as soylent were it to be needed?
who knows what Tom operates on
bugger me this is in GD; so back on topic.

how would product be harvested for such a thing as a soylent green project were it to be needed?
just like the garbage?
Pulverized, sanitized, and gormandize!

Back on topic:

Speaking of water effecting a civilization: Did you read about the research where they now think the Sarasvati river disappearance brought an end to the Harrapan civilization, and this was due to a global climate shift that altered the monsoon patterns.

There's some water for thought!

yes i read it on the back of my cornflakes box Hysterical

would it work if we handed in mum and dad once they reached 65?
all assets going to the kids of course. it sounds so cold but i'm not
sure it would be such a tough transition from beef patti to grand-folks patti.
If it happens we'll be obsessed with making it humane... let them live in relative relaxation and comfort, distract them with TV before administering a Vulcan nerve pinch or whatever (I'm exaggerating).

Also, do you think the delineation will be between the young and old? (eat those who are dead/ ying etc) Because its also very possible that the delineation could become between rich and poor... or perhaps we simply make mince meat out of populations we don't particularly like (it will give wars and genocide a particularly nasty color)
You know it would be a lot easier doing this on the front end...not making so many new people. I want to sell my voucher for one child, any buyers?

that would be the Chinese version Hysterical

i suppose a fair way would be a lottery. everyone gets fitted with an electron implant and at a certain age you enter a lottery once a year (against your will) and if you win the implant goes boom and blows your brans out. you then get scooped up and processed.
I was just thinking we could decrease the population by not having so many babies to begin with. I mean that is the problem at the moment isn't it. If you cut through the bullshit, we have more people than the planet can support...right now. Cutting the population in half without having to kill or eat anyone. Of course if you tell people that a couple can have no more than one child they will be terrible upset, despite the fact that, that behavior is what is destroying our world. That is what will eventually happen one way or another. We may have to go through a series of wars before it finally dawns on people that, that is what is going to happen once we pass a certain threshold. But we could solve most of the global problems by simply halving the population over the next two generation and keeping it there. With only 2 billion people in the world and our current technology, most people would have a fairly high standard of living. Children would be better supervised and better educated as there would be less of them, making them a more precious resource. This would lead to less crime and less unemployment. Of course people will not do this of their own accord, and once the government gets control of your reproductive rights you become it's hostage. Then this generation we are in will be the last that actually saw something resembling freedom, if for no other reason as they will not stop with reproductive rights, and they will now have the power to do so. They already have the will today to do that, just not the power. Certainly anything that inflames the blood will be banned. That would be most poetry...well, or at least most good poetry!

(05-31-2012, 04:21 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]i suppose a fair way would be a lottery. everyone gets fitted with an electron implant and at a certain age you enter a lottery once a year (against your will) and if you win the implant goes boom and blows your brans out. you then get scooped up and processed.

gives a new meaning to hunger games Hysterical

If we go for the one baby per household approach we'll have to rework the system to make it function well with a topheavy framework i.e. more old people, less young people (since in countries where this is true, they seem to consider this a problem). You're right, technology will play a big role in making that work, among other things (in Japan, for example, the elderly are trooping happily back into the workforce since they apparently outnumber the younguns)
I say no, but only for one reason. In-vitro meat. We have the technology to create flesh in a laboratory. Right now, hugely expensive and a waste of reasources. In the future? It will be perfected. I believe it will completely replace farming and fishing in Western countries. I mourn the loss of jobs, but I praise the fact that in-vitro meat could save our planet and the human race by freeing up farmland - 30% of the entire world's landmass is covered in farmland -just- for grazing animals and animal crop. With overpopulation increasing demand for living space and food, we will need that 30%. Or we will have no forests left! And on top of that, no more mass production of beef! One of the biggest contributors to global warming. And another bonus - cheap meat! Although currently expensive, when perfected it will be cheap and affordable.

Oops, somehow I ended up on a soapbox... Better get off now!
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