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Full Version: site rules.
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just out of curiosity, what sites rules would like to see, (added) and what sites rules would you like removed.

not saying any idea will be implemented but they maybe. try and list them and give a reason why?
i'm sure it will lead to discussion, maybe even heated, (could we be that lucky Big Grin)

for instance, we could remove all rules and allow the mods to make em up as they go along (not something i'd suggest Confused )
i'm happy with them as they are but like everything they should evolve with the site.
I'll kick things off then with "8. Don't use puppet accounts to break rules or evade bans--you will be held fully accountable."

A rule that you're not allowed to break the rules is surely redundant.
And "4. You have to be 15 years and older to use any of the Forums (this includes the Poetry Boards)" seems pretty toothless considering I didn't have to mail you a notarized copy of my birth certificate to register.
And "9. don't bring grievances from other sites to this one in posts, they will be deleted if it concerns a site member." is lacking in a capital letter.
Quote:e) Apart from the serious and mild critique forums, feedback given will be down to the person giving it unless you state what kind of feedback is okay, if any. The onus is on the poet to let the reader know.

I don't know what 'onus' means- I don't think most people will and they won't look it up either. I didn't even Google it and I work here :p

Maybe something more down-to-earth.

Quote:Rules flagged '***' do not apply within The Sewer and The Pig's Arse, which are hidden to protect the innocent. To gain access, join The Sewer, or The Pig's Arse via your User C P.

Should be 'User CP'

Quote:While we can't envisage all future actions on your part, we can and will use our discretionary powers to ban, spank, or butter your buttock area with withering warnings. Please don't abuse our civility.

I don't think you should try to be funny when the rules are very seriously stated.
Probably better to use more commonly used words for rules, as you want everyone to understand them.

onus = burden (although onus is more descriptive of what is meant)
envisage = envision (envisage is somewhat archaic, hardly ever used in the United States, I suspect it is more common in Britain, and other British territories Smile
sounding reasonable so far, i think all those issues can be addressed. from the few posts so far i'm getting that in general the rules are okay. i'll sort the things mentioned so far out tomorrow. anything else by anyone?