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Full Version: Father sues school after son caught cheating
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A sophomore student at Sequoia High School, was caught by school officials copying and sharing homework. As punishment for the offense he was kicked out of the school's English honors class and moved back to the school's regular English program. The student's father then filed a suit to force the school into readmitting the boy into the honor's program, saying the school's decision to go with a heavier penalty jeopardizes the boy's chances of getting into an Ivy league school. They proceed with the suit even though prior to signing up for the advanced level program, both the boy and his mother had signed an "Academic Honesty Pledge", agreeing to the terms that cheating would be grounds for removal from the program.

Personally i think the father is, forgive the term, a cheeky cunt. It's not like they're kicking the kid out of school. He just has to suffer the consequences of his actions, which is fair enough. It's backwards logic to say it erases the offense just because it's not on record... any way you look at it his actions proved he doesn't deserve to be in the program to begin with (and probably won't deserve to be in a top-notch school if he keeps up his cheating ways).
Ah yes, entitlement now becomes a legacy passed from generation to generation. Cheeky Cunt is too nice a term for a brain stem function only governmental tit sucker.
Unearthed this little gem from the article's comments section (couldn't find the commenter's info source though):

"The school offered to let the boy back into the program for the last two years and remove the cheating from the record. The only thing was that the boy would not be allowed into the program for the rest of this school year. And the family refused this nice offer by the school. There would have been no record of this anywhere except in the minds of some people and certainly would not have affected the kid going to any Ivy School."

You're right, "cheeky cunt" is too nice Angry
He's not a "cheeky cunt" he's an example of the brilliance of Charles Darwin. In suing the school to ensure Berghouse junior isn't penalized for his cheating he has absolutely guaranteed that the kid will not only never get into any reputable school but that he'll have difficulty even getting a job at McDonald's. Nobody wants to take on a cheat especially not when he comes with a litigious parent.