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Full Version: getting done over
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does anyone else here get done over by their partners?

today mine came home with a new galaxy tab abd a samsung corby ii from work, (a perk) so she said i could have them for 25 thousand pesos, addy did some research and found this model brand new is 25 thou, the phone is a heap of shite really at 3 thousand pesos. anyway, i ended up paying 20 thousand pesos to her for them,. thing is i just bought her a samsung note which she seems to have forgotten for 38 thousand pesos.
so, anyone else get screwed in a similar fashion?
absolutely,the money in my pocket is ours[my idea]the money in her pocket is hers,even if it originates from me anyway,those chicks have a real problem with money[don't mention the word]
i now have to go and buy a docking station, a usb adapter, a stylus and some other other stuff, added all together, i could have got a brand new made to my own specs pc Huh AngryAngry

we have our own money which is joint owned so it's good to go in that respect. in truth, i think the money i paid for the tablet is going toward a holiday Smile

what i did notice is that they always get the guy to fork out for shit he doesn't want or care about.
with her it's cushion covers for the three piece furniture. it's a rattan thing with about 13 large cushions. to have new covers made costs an arm and a leg, personally i could sit on an orange box, but she has none of that kind of shit talk Angry
I've never been there.

I've always been in the situation of having either completely separate bank accounts or been the only person working. In either case I have been the main provider always. So I never really think about a woman buying me anything. I always buy things for women. All the time. . . .now that I think of it, this sucks.
we're both cool about sharing i just hate sharing it on seat covers and stuff. seriously, you buy woman stuff all the time....why Big Grin
i don't want to generalise ofcourse,but,hunters-gatherers,man-hunters,women -gatherers,before they used to gather nuts and things,now pillowcovers etc.
i came up with this in the middle of the night
oh yes,men are descendent from monkeys,we all know what that means,women from birds,nestbuilders
enough philosophy for one dayBig Grin
not quite on the same level...
but about a year ago I bought my girlfriend a new digital camera for our 'anniversary'. at the time I wasn't working, so it was a relatively large expense. this year, her dad (who happens to be a dentist) bought her a new digital camera for her birthday i would never consider getting.

she never used the camera I bought her very often; the new one she's already put to decent use, which should be expected when you get a new toy. it's a newer version with better tools, so I understand I don't have grounds really to complain. I think I have the right to a sigh or two though
if I could say the thoughts that came through my head

guess I've been stuck smiling and congratulating her. it really is a nice piece of equipment. hopefully, she hasn't caught on. i like to think i can be sneaky when i need to be