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Full Version: Enlightened Doggerel
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Enlightened Doggerel

He said he’d had an epiphany,
but what he meant was,
that he had, had Tiffany;
as many had, that was fact!
Upon 2 such occasions, were those
who had succeeding in making her fat.
But she was tired of them thinking
they could do as they pleased.
Her remedy for this Miss Conception?
An aspirin…
held tightly between her knees!

©2012 –Erthona
Quite a fetching bit of doggerel. The trouble would come, of course, if she should suffer a fit of cataplexy -- the resultant lack of muscle tone would surely result in some stabbing pain in the pubic region.
But as this is a dog-gerel, I don't think that a cat-aplexy will be a problem, especially as the doggerel is the remedy for mental cataplexy (inability to say no), from which she suffers. Tongue
I don't want to hound you about this, or be a bitch, but it wouldn't take much of a catastrophe to make her litter-it.
Although she was quite a pussy, she was no bitch in heat, plus she had changed her name from Miss Conception to Miss Demeanor and was already humiliating all the boys about town by relaying how none of them really measured up, as none had an organ of the necessary proportions to fill her cathedral with music!