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Full Version: What were you back in the day and now
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What was genre of lowlife were you back in the day.
how about now? (this question like others was stolen from an unspecified site)
i was a young hippy,now i'm an old hippy
Didn't I just see this at SB!? Huh
I'm very annoyed that "nerd" isn't an option :p

And I'm also very pleased that I'm too young to have been most of those things... except disco dancer I suppose... I shudder at the very thought! If I'd been old enough to access safety pins, I'd have loved to be a punk.
Punk has been around since the '70's.

I was just me. Preppy with a huge bolt of Metal Head (plus on the academic team, newspaper staff, in band and choir). I have always been a major geek, and yet was in the popular crowd even though I hung out with outcasts. Was Goth when goth was new. Now I'm just a mom.
(04-02-2012, 07:40 AM)Leanne Wrote: [ -> ]I'm very annoyed that "nerd" isn't an option :p
that and geek were filed under other so as to not offend the innocent Big Grin

i was a skinhead for a while because i liked the fashion, ben shermans, whits (trousers (my hair was short but never cropped.)) then i was a mod for the same reason loved the two tone suits etc. then i moved into the northern soul scene, which if taken seriously was more a way of life. loved the music and the dancing. was always a "soul freak" mainly tamla and philly then with northern sould i became more eccletic as long as it was fast dance music (quick back beat) because of me my two girls have a love of music. they are also "soul freaks" though the like other music as well, even some northern soul.
Back in the day...

Back in the day...

One early evening,in 1954, after having spent the day drinking
with Neal and me, Jack came home and announced,

"I'm beat!"

Jack's mother did not like Neal, and she didn't like me--
nor was she one to mince words.

"Jack, you're a beatnik, you no-good lazy bastard."

Allen Ginsberg happen to be in the house at the time
and thought the repartee worth repeating-- and a gen-
eration of writers was born.

"On The Road"

Recovering from a greedy chick,
Sal Paradise goes on a quest with Dean.
Sky-high on life, they dug the daily scene.
All roads were paved with yellow brick,
while the straight world thought them sick.
But, if their thoughts were none to clean,
they knew the price of grass and gasoline
from Yankee Stadium to Candlestick.

Five times across the continent they sped,
their souls unfettered, labeled 'Not For Sale.'
Like Omar and his famous loaf of bread
their wants were few and of modest scale--
a roach of Mary Jane, some Dago Red.
a pad to flop on-- sweet tail and good head.

Back in the day.

Ha! So, a nerd then V? :p

Of course, a nerd with street cred...
[quote='Leanne' pid='93582' dateline='1333335099']
Ha! So, a nerd then V? :p

Of course, a nerd with street cred...
I have many personalities--
my shape shifts to fit the scene.
One day I'm Elmer Gantry;
another, Charlie Sheen.

But I've never been Angelina Joile.
(Have you ever seen such lips?)
Loose lips
pleasure ships
lady lovelips
with big nips
(04-02-2012, 12:00 PM)Leanne Wrote: [ -> ]Loose lips
pleasure ships'

[Image: tut_tut.gif]

You forgot the apostrophe! Angry
What is a teddy boy or girl? I've never heard that term before.
(04-03-2012, 12:56 AM)Mark Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-02-2012, 12:00 PM)Leanne Wrote: [ -> ]Loose lips
pleasure ships'
[Image: tut_tut.gif]

You forgot the apostrophe! Angry
Not at all, an apostrophe would imply ownership and enjambment, those are three separate lines you know... otherwise there'd be something rude going on and I'm never about that...
it's a great senryu Smile
a teddy boy girl/boy wore crepe soled shoes, had a ducks arse hairstyle and shoelace ties. oh, and jackets with velevet collars. the fonze, though a rocker could have been a teddy boy, think grease...the film
I had pink hair in 1961. I wore miniskirts before they hit the London fashions. I made my own styles I got looked at, I got spat at, for daring to paint my shoes red and walk down O’Connell street in Dublin. I had a fuck you attitude and wore it like armour, and I was a virgin until I was 22, I sang at public dances, I loved life. I was treated like a movie star when I got off the boat in Dublin for the 2nd time with my platinum blond locks and my pure white full length fur coat. I was helped though the crowds leaving my scruffy pals behind while my bags and me were given the royal treatment to the first cab off the ranks.. lol I loved it. they called me all the English bitches under the sun in their finest Dublin accents
i bet you were right hotty Big Grin
lol, I used to be hippy, then I went emo, now I'm eclectic.
I wrote a series of poems about the 40's to the 90's in the United States, called generational sketches. I grew up in the 70's. The one covering the 70's is called "

"Talking ‘bout My Gen, gen, gen, gen-gene—ah-ration" the link is below if you want to look at it. That's my take on the question.


Oh yeah, the Fonz was a greaser. The hairstyle was a duck-butt. The costume was a white t-shirt, straight leg jeans, you rolled your luckies in the arm of the shirt and lit them with your zippo lighter. There was also the hipsters.

I was a nerd Big Grin... but i didn't dress like a nerd? So basically I wasn't even good enough to be a nerd Sad
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