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Full Version: euthanasia
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an old favorite. do you agree wit it or are you against it. i think in some cases i agree with it but i'll let someone reply and then have my say.
I'm pro euthanasia. With strict guidelines and done responsibly for the benefit of the patient.

I've always hated the argument that euthanasia is wrong because that's taking life and death into our own hands, all that stuff. What about all the wars where soldiers shoot other soldiers dead with impunity? Society thinks that's fine because its for a "moral" cause, and yet something like that is far more immoral than choosing to let someone you love die peacefully rather than let them suffer horribly. The former is okay and the latter isn't. How sick is that?
(03-11-2010, 04:31 PM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]What if a parent has Alzheimer's, and the kids, who hold the power of attorney, want to put the old one to sleep, so that they can inherit?
then that would be totally wrong.

i'm on about a person who we know genuinely feels or felt that dying with dignity carries more weight than having a lingering painful death and has left a living will or spoken of it with their family.

or simply where a family genuinely believe that death is the best course of action. i hope my family would know when to pull the plug on me. (no jokes please) not sure if Alzheimers on it's own would be reason enough to pull the plug.