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Full Version: I wonder
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just wondering if i put a torrent in an attachment would it be allowed,now the torrent will not be on any site whatsoever i just wanna up a song to see what ya think of it,the actual torrent will be only on my pc no sites at all,by the way the song is called "on the dole"


Would it not be simpler embedding a youtube video and then saying for example "you can find it on torrentz/tpb/mininova"?

No link would be provided, but a where abouts would be provided..... Wink
no cause it's only one song i dont want to up it to a site i just wanna get the feedback on it...or maybe i can send it to ya in ur PM???
yes but how can i show a link here i dunno how to do a spoiler

oooppss i posted the whole album a couple of weeks ago TPB so ya can get it from there..called Dublin In My Tears
i'll check it out later