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Full Version: This made my blood boil!
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(02-20-2012, 08:32 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]i stopped reading after half way. it seems it's done as a truth operation., "when you see her privates you'll know she's not been had"
it's tearful. i did know the basics of what female circumcising was but never realised it was done and finished in such a way.
absolutely horrific.

it's so hard for me to comprehend how the value of virginity can be put before the health, well-being and suffering of a person.
even the mild form where they just cut off the clit, how, how, how can they do and allow it to continue to be done.

It had never occurred to me that the husband, or someone secretly on his behalf, had to rip the woman open-- what a honeymoon! And then again, and again. It went on to say that the women apparently did enjoy sex, the nervous system having adapted. How true this is, I don't know. But the idea of the women wandering around the house with making a noise with pots and pans, when they wanted sex, did make me smile, and I hope it's so. I do not know what competence the writer had; part of me felt that it was the most dreadful apology, of the type which might be seized upon by those who indulge in what is, undoubtedly, a barbaric and primitive practice.
no,i couldn't read it either,horrific,and to think that it's mostly women who perform the"ritual".don't they remember what they went through themselves?
(02-20-2012, 09:52 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]no,i couldn't read it either,horrific,and to think that it's mostly women who perform the"ritual".don't they remember what they went through themselves?

I think they just accept it as a part of life- like childbirth . . . painful but necessary. According to abu's link, they have to do it all over again each time they have a child . . . and then tear it open again when hubby wants some. Angry

(02-19-2012, 12:25 AM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]i have earwax all the time,my nose runs,shit between my toes,crap under my fingernails.........
your mum needs to take better care of you!

PS I'm just posting to see if my red winky show as my avatar

no winky just a name.

if you need any help with it pm someone Wink
so they stitch it closed and open it as needed and the woman's okay to go with this deal? sorry but i can't see or accept it. i'm sure deep down the woman would love to to not have been mutilated.....though what do i know, sometime we see things as we see things.
i meant when my ear is dirty,i wash it,i don't chop it off,so why chop of foreskins?
i think sometimes the tip tightens of the nob end and makes having sex painful
(03-17-2012, 07:10 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]i meant when my ear is dirty,i wash it,i don't chop it off,so why chop of foreskins?
maybe if you stuck your ear in those same places...

we're gonna end up with....the sewer
I know, I'm sorry, it's a serious subject and doesn't deserve to be moved.

So stop it, sj :p
trying to get it back on topic Smile

what if anything can we do as individuals to stop the practice
As individuals, but far removed from the problem in both culture and distance, I think our best contribution is awareness. It's a complex issue that clearly needs more than just being outraged -- but outlawing the practice will do nothing but drive it underground. Human rights take a long time to reach the ground in some countries. Then again, people on the ground in countries that are signatories to international human rights treaties still violate them on a daily basis with almost complete impugnity, so one can only wonder what chance there is to impose these things on other people if we can't lead by example, always.
It is precisely the same problem with slavery. I am a member of Anti-Slavery International, (which was Wilberforce's organisation). It regularly persuades governments to pass laws banning slavery, but implementation is often patchy, or non-existent.

My old college, the School of Oriental and African Studies, now has many courses in 'Development Studies' which seem rather phoney at first sight. Yet at the core of these, is governance, and planning. If there is no sensible governance, nothing much will happen; if there is, incremental changes take place.

I think, with regard to Sudan, that it must be a matter of fact, whether, as claimed, all the women are smoking their armpits and giggling about sex, or just a piece of fiction. Similarly, it must be a matter of fact, whether there is an increased female mortality rate. While the place continues to be run by a man wanted for war crimes, these things may be difficult to establish.

The most important thing to get rid of these practises is education
obviously education, even if it's only ourselves that's being educated, and good governance as abu stated.
here in the philippines we have a president who is almost autonomous in what decisions are made. he forces (at least it seems that way) the senate to impeach supreme court judges at will. yet actually does nothing to improve his country. google noynoying. (his nic name is noynoy) okay, don't here's a link
basically since he's been in power he's stopped infrastructure replacement,
most public works programs, and the wang wang...no it's not that...the use of sirens if it's not an emergency. the guy's a fake put there by puppets. if female mutilation were here, he would stop etc, he'd just pretend it didn't happen. it's bastards like these we have to try and teach and educate, through summits and political interactions. stop this cutting crap or we'll fuck you over by stopping aid, that said, i doubt india would care about the aid, ..but it would if the arms it buys dried up through withdrawal of supply
Agree, the ideal way to change the culture is through grassroots education coupled with changing the ideas and values of those who wield power. Obviously its easier said than done. Education is a long, slow road, so long as the mechanisms of oppression are still firmly in place within a society. How many girls and women have had acid thrown at their faces for getting "uppity", for educating themselves and not knowing their place?
yes,i was talking about grassroot education,trying to change the values of those in power is a useless excorsize and prob.will get you killed or locked up.
it's a long process to educate but abuse has been going on for centuries
we could do with some good example from our "leaders"
i couldn't agree more
force doesn't seem to work for almost anything. libya is going to return to a gadafi type state again. it will be a slow slow process. I think the internet will play a big part in any changes of the old traditions.
except"we"will have the oil now
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