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Full Version: Israelis, Palestinians to begin indirect talks
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Israelis, Palestinians to begin indirect talks

will it work, will it even help bring an end to the violence in the middle east.

i think it can help, but they have a hell of a long way to go.
that not including iran and its policy with israel.

i'm definitely all for the talks to resume.
the bottom line is the israelis don't want a settlement,they then might have to comply with international law,like letting the refugees back in and giving back east jerusalem,they will torpedo any kind of talks,throwing up total unreasonable demands,specially as long as the u.s.backs them unconditionally


Basically Israel has the power. And you're asking Israel to succumb to the Palestinian's demands. Do you think for one moment that this will be simply over?

Israel's doing it only because they don't want to be portrayed as inhumane. And still the things they do are not really very effective. They have not even recognised Palestine as a country. Doesn't seem like it will be so simple imo.

But you gotta have faith (no pun intended. Ok maybe a bit. But not thought of it like that in the first place)..
[quote='velvetfog' pid='13126' dateline='1268157123']
A new Palestinian intifada (uprising) will start soon, when the talks fail

and that's exactly what israel wants in order to avoid making a settlement
it seems isreal is planning to build more homes on the occupied territory.
apparently they told everyone they wouldn't then changed their minds. bidon who's out there for the talks, openly condemned them, which is a first for america. maybe things will change a bit. i think the usa has to begin distancing themselves from isreal until they start acting like they really want peace. the west is really quick to put sanctions against iran and the like for it's belligerence. maybe it should be doing the same to isreal who are beginning to take the peace. they're beginning to look like the ones who are stirring up the shit more than anyone else.
absolutely ,read the u.n.resolutions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Uni...ing_Israel
while i disagree with the Palestinian tactics, i do think it's time isreal had a kick up the arse.
when your land is occupied,most tactics are allowed,see w.w.2
i don't see as the same as what happened in ww2. the problem i have with land being occupied is this. how far do you go back. 100 years, 1000? longer. taken to it lowest level, people shouldn't kill each other. sadly they do. they're doing it over there now. the starting point should always be a cessation of violence. what is is. no more land should be used by israel from this point on and the talks should center around doing whats right. not something that can be easily defined. Israel have the land more or less. or at least control of it. i'm really glad the usa have at last spoken out against the israelies.
in my opinion they should go back within the 1967 borders as required by international law and take it from there,israel is not interested in a solution though
Israel acts that way beause they asume the world is on their side (they have better PR), but really they should drop the ego. The only way peace talks would succeed is if both parties go in willing to compromise, and clearly that's not the case.
i think for once the world is not unconditionally
on the side of the Israelis. i think they hold the key to any ensuing peace.
they have to at least give Palestine a chance of getting out of the hole they were driven into. in this instance war is definitely not the answer.
i actually remember that,what a shitty statement,waltz into an area,claiming it because it says in the bible it's ours,than treating the locals about in the same way as you've been treated in europe and than expecting them to love you
it's up to the arabs how to run their countrys,if you agree with it or not,first world enterprises and living standars is mainly due to money pouring in from all over the world,as far as fair justice system is concerned,it might count for their own citizens,but surely not for the palestinians,i refer to the investigation into the"misbehaviour"of israeli soldiers during the last gaza war
one country not living with the same laws as another is not really a justification for anything. the world is populated with countries that have very diverse law from each other. and the same can be said about living standards. i'm sure the Palestinian lot would improve if Israel left the occupied territories and peace ensued. as it is Palestine has no hope of getting a first world standard of living. the Israelis won't allow it to happen. i think SJ has a point. (almost) i wouldn't say Israel treats the enemy as they were treated by the Nazis but i would say that Israel seems very content with taking the Palestinian lands as their own.
i agree, it could be filled with rich arabs.
(03-13-2010, 08:16 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]For attracting European tourists, Gaza is a much better geographic location than say Dubai.
But the area needs to be removed from Muslim control first, so that the hotels and casinos can serve liquor.
not true.

many hotels in saudi and dubai serve liquor. i can get liquor at dubai airport as well. as long as in a compound (holiday resort) and muslims don't imbibe it's more or less allowed.
gaza is a ghetto,the palestinians have every right to attack the occupiers
it says so in the bible