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it's a new year; what if any are your predictions?

i think syria as we know it will fall. egypt will revert to the way it was.
not sure about libya. cameron will make a huge cock up and the pound will get even weaker.

i'll write one good poem.
a few more "regime changes"to protect our national interests in connivance with nato and the international court of justice
Maybe I'll meet a girl and fall in love this year . . .
Billy will write the poem that defines his generation and all others to come after, thus negating any need for the rest of us to bother. Fortunately for us, he'll be instantly recognised as a genius who owes his inspiration to a few dozen other plebs on a small (but bloody impressive) website and large corporations will be falling over their money to become Pig Pen Patrons.

We won't let them though. Commercialism is tawdry.

Oh, and Mark will finally wash his neck.
Leanne, if you want my body you can just tell me. There's no need to play these playground games [Image: rolleyes.gif]
Don't be silly. I have my own body and it's much prettier than yours.
I'm sure you're right, but still I can feel the textual tension between us :p
how poetic:angel:
more tension than a noose on a neck Big Grin

i really would love the fame the joy of being famous for one poem mmmm
and i'd def plug the site at any award ceremony Smile

i was thinking the monarchy would change hands when the queen falls and breaks both her hips but i think thats a long shot.
Leanne want me to talk dirty hillbilly talk to her: 'ay gerl you smell as good as a goat in heat [Image: wub.gif]
yes but can you tell us what you think this year will bring other than you dirty hillbillying leanne/Admin
(01-08-2012, 12:28 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]how poetic:angel:

Wouldn't it be more alliterative?

My body is like a blond's brain, hardly ever used, but for all of that, never coveted.

In terms of talking dirty, I'll say what the southern farmer/spartan said in the rather strange adaptation of Lysistrata when he is offered a chance for peace.

"Ah wouldn't mind a'pushin' up ah little man'nuer mahself!"

My prediction is 2 bushels and a peck.

Move out of the way Dale! Can't you see I've just been moderated :p

This year holds some very interesting legislation. It's all American but SOPA will effect the entire Internet and thus the world. If this bill is passed then information sharing in general will be limited and censored and the net will never be the same.

The other bill I'm worried about is NDAA which is like an extended Patriot act whereby American citizens can be held indefinitely on no charge at all if they are suspected of terrorism
So what do I think will happen this year? I think the world will go to shit and Leanne will give me some Smile
i thought they could alread hold you as long as they wanted whatever the charge?
they say they can't but i'm sure they could find a way if the need arises.
i think we are too many to be policed in such a way. a few will no doubt be screwed down but most of us will just carry on under the radar Smile
(01-09-2012, 03:20 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]i thought they could alread hold you as long as they wanted whatever the charge?
they say they can't but i'm sure they could find a way if the need arises.

The distinction is that NDAA will allow them to hold citizens indefinitely without filing any charges at all

Billy Wrote:i think we are too many to be policed in such a way. a few will no doubt be screwed down but most of us will just carry on under the radar Smile

The problem is that SOPA would hold the corporations that own the major sites (Google, YouTube, etc) responsible to report the IP addresses of infringing users. Also ISPs could be legally subpoenaed to release the identity of users that break copyright law. It's not about how many of us there are, Billy: it's about how we all have to go through someone to access the Internet and how we all have to use search engines and how we are dependent on our anonymity.
I'm not really up on all that American do-it-our-way-or-else legislation, so I'm sorry if this has already been raised a zillion times before -- anyway, wouldn't it make sense for all those companies affected by the .com/.org/.net domain name blanket to just set up shop somewhere else? I know it's not feasible for tiny little sites, unfortunately. And my googling can continue fairly well uncensored because google.com.au will not be affected, nor any other .com.au, .co.uk etc.

Frankly, "artists" who insist on protecting their "intellectual property" should roll over and thank youtube for the free publicity. I know that I've often found something on youtube and gone out to buy the album/ see the concert/ get the dvd etc.

My further 2012 prediction: at least 98% of predictions made by internet psychics this year will fail to come true.
I'm afraid your predictions for google.com.au and other specific locations of the site are doomed for failure. You see despite the legislation being based in America this will have a global effect. Think about it, if Google is directly mandated to block certain sites based on infringement then ALL Google sites will be affected. If they weren't then I could just use google.com.au from my connection and avoid the sanctions too.
Not really, Mark -- you see, Kraft Foods Australia is subject to Australian business and operating laws, not American, regardless of it being an American corporation. The US can only control (or seek to control) entities that are physically located within its borders. It is possible, however, that Big Brother can in some way restrict access for Americans to sites that allow them to circumvent these draconian laws -- but they can frankly fuck right off when it comes to my country. We've got enough censorship crap of our own to deal with.
I'm sorry if I was unclear, Leanne. Let me try to explain why this is a very different situation than America trying to control Kraft Foods Australia:

When you type pigpenpoetry.com into your browser, the browser uses the DNS(Domain Name Server) to look up the actual IP that identifies the website. Think of it as a phone book for the Internet. The organization that controls the DNS is ICANN, a company based in the U.S. and therefore directly affected by SOPA. So if this bill is passed, google.com.anything will be affected in this way:

An offended site gets reported by the copyright holder . . . the U.S. government will then attempt to appeal to the site's owner to either remove the content or face a ban . . . in the worst case their DNS entry will be deleted(or blocked is more accurate) and when you type in blahblahblah.com.au you will get a 404 error from your browser.

Make more sense?
Sorry if I sounded like an ignorant moron -- I know that changing the search engine isn't going to make banned US sites magically appear again, but what I meant is that I can still access google.com.au as a search engine even if for some reason google.com is shut down. I'd have more trouble with yahoo as here it's au.yahoo.com, still a .com site, but I'd imagine these larger corporations would take great pains to ensure that their sites themselves weren't subject to SOPA's crap. I'm not sure about .org, I think that actually might be controlled by an Irish company. Facebook and other social networking sites would be wise to simply relocate the hell away from the US -- looks like Europe might get a virtual lifeline out of its debt crisis.

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