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Full Version: torture.
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to start with, this isn't about america so please don't make it so.

we know through the media (if the media can ever be believed) that torture goes on in many countries. usually it doesn't come to light but sometimes it does and when it does indignation quickly rears it's ugly head.

my question is this:

is torture a valid way of getting information if in the long run it saves lives.

part B to the question would be:

when does interrogation become torture


Torture in my opinion is never right under any circumstances and haveing said that I would gladly torture as many as I had to to save lives.
All interrogation is torture and that is the way it is designed to be. Torture of the mind for the most part.
theres a difference between police interrogation and forcefull interrogation useing predefind options which deprive etc.

that said. i think at certain times torture could possibly be a necessary evil. i do think it probably being abused on a regular basis and that to me is wrong. but yes. i think sometimes torture is warranted.


I do not believe that torture or to put a mask on it, interrogation, is ever warrented or something that should be acceptable. But I personally would still do what ever it took to save lives but ofcourse I have a complete lack of respect for any type of authority, always did and always will.
sometimes we have to do evil to do good.

i'm sure someone out there already said it but i do think it's true.