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Full Version: first i heard of K2
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apparently it's legal and ten times more potent than weed.
i't called K2. anyone had it or heard of it. (not the mountain sj)


No me either but my son tells me of something that sounds similar to it but I forget what he called it. He said it made alot of young people he knows real sick.
i wouldn't smoke it as much as i wouldn't want to climb k2
nope but i think i will start sellin some here bidders please K2 openin price 25 euro a quarter


I have found that some people will buy anything if they believe they will get fucked up from it. I once cut up some purple PH paper and sold it as blotter...called it purple blotter...aparently it was really good shit. Everyone said so and the repeat busness was crazy. So crazy infact that I had to take a hit myself just to make sure. At that point I stoped wile the getting was good.
it doesn't seem to be as big as they make out then.

i'd have thought if it was twice as powerful you'd just use half as muchWink
doesn't work that way,you know thatTongue
(03-06-2010, 02:07 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]doesn't work that way,you know thatTongue
i guess so. but it's a good idea Blush


Sounds dodgy. Why is it legal? I mean, someone presumably knows about this already ...Confused
yes,and endless legal supply,gasoline won't get banned