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Full Version: Happy Christmas!
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That's it! I have not been particularly active on here, I hope to do better in the new year! Smile
We are grateful for your presents... er, presence Big Grin

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and everyone else's of course.
How appropriate, Abu! Merry Christmas to you, too.
the same hereSmile
Yes. Merry Christmas to you Edward and to you all a good night :p

Yes, have a Merry Secular Xmas.
Xmas poem:

< coming on xmas >

so many times we had said something
"and you?"

and there we go again:

bird's wings
and bird's things
all out in white again
the 100th virgin
in your new style
(and where else is this millennium taking us?)
as you pull your scroll apart
your mother's fart
so how can we
be so apart?

isn't it christmas?

reindeer placed in two's
afraid they might be
when all they want
is cud and moo's

isn't this christmas?

all i've got
besides these tissue's
are all these letters'
(mostly missed you's)
why can't we
debate some issue's

isn't this christmas?

now where have you been?
could it be my cologne?
our last 30 years
have been spent on the phone

we just have ourselves to thank
falling off roofs
these cute nike sneakers
they should have been hooves

why isn't this christmas

here we go skating
on frank capra's pond
the long shot was not us
it simply was done
with stand-ins and tricks
and a big science wand

but that's just christmas

so there you are
with your hand and your pen
as we sit here writing our
begin's again
and you were so intense
but then and but then

we know it's xmas

an overcast day
it's you, me, and drab
i'm playing with you
you're acting the crab
i'm waiting for you
as you start to grab
i'm chuckling cause you'll
have to pick up the tab

we're making up xmas

- - -

(12-22-2011, 08:15 AM)abu nuwas Wrote: [ -> ]That's it! I have not been particularly active on here, I hope to do better in the new year! Smile

and to you Ed.
stay safe and know happiness, (abu and everyone else. )
Happy holidays Abu! Happy holidays everyone! I'll be spending christmas eve at my grandparents Smile
have a good time Addy
I'll be T the bar for Christmas. I have to play 3 hours and then I'm free too over-imbibe and be my regular fool self.

now that's an idea
get some beer
Big Grin
That's what's nice about playing at bars: I never have to pay for my drinks! Big Grin

While I play they are on the house and afterwards the patrons all want to buy me a round. I love being a drun- err musician Smile
i think you need an assistant
Now wouldn't that be great!? SJ, together we would rule the redneck world! Get on a yak and get over here right away! Hysterical
we could start with ,I'm an Okie from Muskogie

By the way ,are you familiar with the Ozark mountain dare devils?
Yes sir! I love that band . . . can't seem to remember the name of one song that I used to sing by them . . . Confused
Christmas Eve to all and Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and lasting happiness to all the good people hereSmile
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