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   I was trying to type this up in my word processor and the view was too distant. I tried to adjust the zoom level, but kept failing. Then I saw another view setting called 'Optimal'. It worked perfect. Why isn't 'Optimal' the standard. It is, after all, a very wonderful word and not only that, by definition it's just right. Just right!
   Hardly anything is just right. You have to adjust your seat in your car for hours until it feels 'just right.' Then someone comes along and hold a switch for two seconds and you have to start all over. Things aren't ever just right, they have to adjusted to your specifications or discarded.
   All of this has nearly nothing to do with my confession.
   The main reason I love this place is because you guys are like the cast of some unmade International comedy and you fit together and slither in and out of threads with such ease. All of this was quite a shock to me when I discovered this site a few months ago. It didn't take me long to figure out I could learn a lot here- and only part of it had anything to do with poetry. Thanks to the solid characters and such broad multicultural attitude (about everything but 'football') I have learned such gems as the definition of 'wank', 'fap', 'pissed'(BrE) and many other exciting phrases best left in the Sewer. Big Grin
   I guess what I'm trying to say is this place is optimal. For others maybe you are too honest- brutal even. :p But I like honest. I like it with a dash of insanity, but I don't want to be lied to. When it's terrible, call it terrible. Now on to my confession.

   I have lied to you all. I am the poet and thespian Stephen Fry and now that I have come to know you I want to take you all with me to a poet's paradise. It's a land where everyone knows mythology like the back of their hand and instead of Hallmark cards people write each other prose on scrolls a mile long (and then email them without typing). If you cannot forgive me for this lie that I have perpetrated then I will be forced to go back to being Mark the guitar playing jackass from Alabama. Have it your way. Either way I think you guys are awesome. Happy holidays from a lunatic. :p

Yours Truly,
Stephen Fry aka Mark Fry aka WildcardSearxh aka redneck aka 'aka' aka 'kak'
I think this is the point where we call you a complete nucking futter... and we're very pleased you're here big hug

I like it a bit brutal too...
PS. There is nothing you can learn that can't make it into your poetry somehow. Learning to write it is far, far less important than learning to think it.
who's stephen fry?Big Grin
he is he just said he was, the lying mo foer. (lets not put this in the sewer, lets use it a the fun post that get's through)

as for everything being just right, it is if you think about it, at least if you can adjust it it is. we're all different sizes, for instance, mark is extra small and doesn't like smilies Big GrinSmileWink Hysterical if it were'nt just right he would'nt be able to adjust his chair height in order to see on top of a table. same with car seat's. if it wasn't just right only sj would be able to reach the peddles. but no, it's just right, mark can slide the seat in real tight and his toes can just reach Big Grin.

this site is just right because we alter to suite any personality. addy is a struggle to work with but we try. i really missed this place while i were away and in truth i didn't think i would, i'm not the missing sort of person. and now after two or three posts i feel as though i'm in an effin zoo with stephen fry and his misfits Hysterical
Oh yes, it's addy who's the problem Hysterical

Mark told me he was extra wide... but then, he's just claimed to be Lord Melchett's alter ego as well...

Not putting this in the Sewer? Beautiful!
i think this is a great thread for GD.

addy has always been the problem. i will be lowering her celery Wink

i always think of mark as a baldric, a baldric without a potato.
and Addy likes pussies
don't we all. hers is in heat at the moment, i kid you not. i could hear as i spoke with her mum this morning Smile
apparently they still go through the process after having the gearbox sorted out.
what ?she got her gearbox sorted?[trying to get it to the sewer

the cat not addy.
now it cries like a banshee once a month for something that can never happen.
This is embarrassing! Someone(probably Fry himself) must've hacked my account and wrote that crazy, mushy crap. Billy could you see that it's deleted? Blush

Stephen Fry pshaw! He wishes I were him :p
fraid it's as good as written in stone mr Fry Wink
might as well change your name,fry
mark FRY.

hey! i read a book. (this is for jack) it was by nick hornbey and it was called s... about a kid whose into skateboarding and his girl has a kid at an early age...and it was the crappiest book i ever read. sorry jack but nick hornbey is on my no no list from now on.
it may have been called 'about a boy' but it sucked, what ever it was called. mr fry would have loved it probably Smile
No more name changes for me. I caught enough shit when I change it last time. At least I'm still an upright member. Big Grin
isn't fry playing moriaty in the new sherlock holmes film?
i haven't seen it yet but i did see him in the trailer. he'd of made a good inspector whatshisname from the yard i think.
so mr fry. have you had any new music released yet?
I only know Neal Cassidy
(12-15-2011, 08:37 PM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]isn't fry playing moriaty in the new sherlock holmes film?
i haven't seen it yet but i did see him in the trailer. he'd of made a good inspector whatshisname from the yard i think.
so mr fry. have you had any new music released yet?

btw what plugin do you guys use for mp3s? I am using AutoMedia, but it's not working so great . . .
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