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Full Version: A fifth of Brits regret buying their iPhone
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Sobering statistics, assuming their reliable. In a survey done by GoodMobilePhones.co.uk , 22% of those who had bought the apple smartphone say they regretted thee purchase. Their top five reasons:

1) Jealous of rival smartphones (43%)
2) Battery life (25%)
3) Lack of 'buttons' (13%)
4) Difficulty using emails (8%)
5) Unhappy with functionality (5%)

The top reason seems hard to quantify (it could mean other smartphones seem to have better features, but it could just be jealousy over the new, shiny thing). But battery life does seem to be a major issue ( http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/apples-bat...hing/63229) along with other bugs (http://www.appsplit.com/blog/2011/11/yel...few-weeks/)

What do you think? Should apple be worried?

I think Apple has lost it's edge to the Android phones. Not only are most of the apps for Droid free, but there is also a kind of open policy toward developers that the iPhone does not have. To develop an app for the iPhone, you have to pay a membership fee up front and jump through a few hoops as well. On the Android phones, anyone with coding knowledge can develop and publish their app to the market, much like uploading a YouTube video- you can usually judge the quality of the app by the amount of downloads it has and of course the comments.

Another problem with the iPhone as you've already mentioned is battery life. I get very frustrated with having to charge my phone every four hours when I am using it heavily. The chargers themselves are quite expensive also($15-$30) whereas most Android phones use a standard min or micro USB.

All that aside, when I upgrade I will probably stick with the iPhone. A big company like Apple will get the message and update their product to meet the public's standards hopefully. Although a lot people despise MS and Apple, I feel more comfortable with an established company backing the products that I buy.
i can't see the attraction of them. after being laid up with my duaghter's smart phone...android. i'd say they're all shi..crap. i think i want a galaxy 10.1 tablet. never an ipad.

i do like the "jealous of rival smart phones hehe. the number of times i've bought something and seen something better is almost infinite. all smart phones are the devil's work
I like phones what make phone calls n stuff.

Really, these smart phones seem like just another excuse for people to pretend they're doing something else so they don't have to communicate with the people they're face to face with.

I remember when mobile phones first started to become popular... if one rang in a room, it would be greeted with a chorus of "yuppie wanker!"... those were the days.
that's what mine does,it makes and receives calls,end of story
big hug
I knew you were special
(01-18-2012, 03:30 PM)Leanne Wrote: [ -> ]big hug
I knew you were special
you can phone me if you want:angel:

My wife has an iphone and just will not put it down, even in bed!
(No sarcastic comparisons please, this IS serious.)
My only salvation is that wonderful battery that runs down real fast.
Please, Apple, don't switch over to a fuel cell that will run it for
30 days between refuels...
(OK, NOW you can be sarcastic...)

Nonsensical Ray

P.S. I'm back in the dark ages with a Palm Centro. Browser sucks,
email/text ok, and loads of really ancient apps I bought in the early
2000's. When I get a new phone, it will probably be an Android.
Being compatible with my wife would be more than either of us
could bear. Smile

i don't have a browser on my phone,
though i will have when i get home, i'm having my partners old phone which has a touch screen Angry
if my phone bites the dust i'll buy exactly the same one again,if they still make them
i love the old Bakelite phones sadly they cost as much as iphones.

I#ll be getty a tablet for my partner when i get home (it won't be an i pad) not sure which to get though
I know this isn't the 'Smart Phones vs. old shitty phones' Thread, but I don't get the aversion to technology. I use my phone for calls and text (of course), but I also use the browser for all sorts of things: To look up specs at work for people trying to build within code, to Google anything that I don't know [and by proxy learn a lot], to connect to my website and monitor it during the day when I am at work, to connect to this site, as a calculator, as a contact and address book, as a notepad, for games to pacify my nieces when they visit, for reading eBooks, as an alarm clock, as a camera, as a bar code scanner(which automatically searches for the best price and info on whatever product I scan), as a calendar, as a voice recorder, as a GPS, as a phone directory . . . and this is not a complete list by a long shot.

My dad is the same way with hating any phone that does more than accept numbers and make calls- to each his own, but could someone explain to me what's so bad about options?
I use my phone for calls and text. I browse the Internet if I'm at home, otherwise I find that the world outside actually has quite a lot to offer in the way of entertainment and the internet people will be waiting patiently for me to return, nothing will happen if I step away. I don't own a calculator, I went to school and can use a pen and paper if I can't manage to work something out in my head (which I usually can). I read paper books. If I can't get a certain paper book, I wait until I can and find something else to read in the meantime. I have a calendar on my wall, it has pretty pictures and I can write things on it. I don't own a GPS, I can read a street directory and have a good sense of direction. Ditto with the phone book.

Remember the good old days, where people would phone you at home and if you weren't there, they'd say "oh well, they're not home" and call back later?

I don't WANT to be at other people's beck and call 24 hours a day.
Well it's good to know your technological isolation hasn't made cynical Hysterical

I guess it'd be fair to say I'm addicted to my phone and the Internet in general, but I can't understand why other people can't see how much better life can be with a few shortcuts.

I can add very well myself and I also own a calendar, but my calendar won't remind me of appointments, wake me up in the morning or automatically load my friends birthday's from Facebook. Please give me a link to your wall calendar if it can do those things and I'll be very excited to purchase it.

I DON'T own an Encyclopedia or paper dictionary- and why would I? Any hard copy would be a subset of the information available online. And 'real' books are best collected. If I really like a book or series, I'll buy the hard cover and NEVER open it thus preserving the book.

I use GPS because one thing that a map CANNOT do is estimate the distance for you, avoid construction traffic and give you the choice of better roads or shortest distance . . . The one thing I've noticed is that people are too proud to admit that they NEED technology, but not me. I CAN do a lot of things- like fix my own septic system, but I'll be damned if I'll do it if I don't have to. My phone and iPad do things for me so why wouldn't I take advantage of that?
They are very useful but are frustratingly annoying when one is conversing and is put on hold so the damn things can be answered, it's a bit rude to be cut off half way through a sentance, even the people guilty of this seem to get annoyed when it happens to themselves.
Your phone can fix your septic system?

The sun wakes me up in the morning, I've found it's quite effective and hardly ever needs recharging Smile
LOL, no Leanne that sort of shit's too hard for it to handle Wink

Top O' the mornin to yer champ, and it's put a beaut smile on your dial too, the kookaburras do it for me here, about halfn hour before dear old Sol. Smile
Magpies here, but the effect (and the timing) is much the same. When I was a kid we had a bantam rooster that couldn't tell the time, he'd make a hell of a racket anywhere between 2 and 7 in the morning. He became a nice soup that could be enjoyed at all hours as well Smile
Love the call of magpies but they only come up as far as Tennant Creek, but when we go south on holidays I'm always listening for them. Know what you mean about roosters, a little chicken soup is just what the doctor ordered, lol. I suppose the next morning after you killed the rooster you woke up around two out of habit then went to the kitchen and had your revenge! Wink
Your phone can't fix a septic system!? Huh Boy! It must be older than I thought.
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