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Pakistan Bans Rude Words from Text Messages

Cellphone carriers in Pakistan have been ordered to block text messages containing any of the 15,000 words the government lists as explicit and obscene. Banned words include fart, idiot, fondle, hole, tongue, taxi, and headlights Huh. Oh, and jesus.
yeah,i heard about it,where i am and all,it belongs in the totally over the top thread,

i know that boys sms to girls they got the nr through friends and just hassle the shit out of them,happens to my daughter all the time,that's what they try to stop i suppose,but jesus?
Censorship is riddled with problems. Deciding which words to ban doesn't seem so hard until you consider context. While 'balls' might be offensive, it might also be used in a children's story. But 'Jesus'!? Really!?

Jesus! these idiot farts want me to hold my tongue, but taxi that! I'll fondle your headlights!