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Full Version: Chile earthquake
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Pretty sad Sad.

I think that they will cope better than Haiti due to them being largely wealthier. Still wouldn't wish that on anyone Undecided
like all news of this kind it's sad but nature is something we can't control.
i'm sure the international community will help as much as it can.
(03-02-2010, 06:08 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]At least Chile had building codes in place. That greatly limited the damage.
Unlike Haiti, where there are no building codes.

Nevertheless, the earthquake was a bad setback for Chile, which, as the richest South American country, was finally at the cusp of getting rid of the last of the shantytowns, thus becoming the first South American country to become a first world middle class nation with quality housing for all its citizens.
it didn't wipe out all of chile.
like katrina it's a natural disaster it's people will get over.
if others give help then all the better.
i was on the phone to a friend in santiago and he said the looting as far as he knew was minimal. (and in only the affected areas like you said)

i think i'd be tempted to loot (food and clothing) sooner than see it go to waste, or if i was fearful of going cold and hungry. that said, the army shouldn't have to loot. if it's simple stealing then it's def wrong.