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Full Version: Just catching up
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Sorry I've not been around much lately, folks -- we've had a steady stream of visitors and all sorts of demands on time to take me away from the place I most like to visit Smile

I am trying to catch up on reading but I suspect it will be impossible for me to comment on everything I want to without spending way too much time here... but if there's anything anyone wants me to take a look at, please send me a PM and let me know, I'd be very happy to... it makes me feel wanted, after all Wink
Thank goodness for that. Honestly, I thought I had done something to offend you or I had broken some rule since your silence was deafening.

I'm a happy bunny, now.

bye grannyjill
I miss all of you guys. Not being able to get on for the past few days has been terrible.
Haha grannyjill, I'm not that precious! Smile

Mark, being separated from you is sheer torture...
s r a
a c s

Leanne stop dripping sarcasm onto my post! :p
we still have a few things to do. best not to use the pm system as of yet hehe. or the admin and mod section Blush
will be on the job after breakfast.
oops Blush
it wasn't me BillBig Grin
must say gotta like this one red and black and much faster,thumbs up billy and addy