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Full Version: "Feel for lumps, save your bumps"
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Feel for lumps, save your bumps" was the anti-breast cancer slogan printed on the back of t-shirts that the cheering squad of Gilbert High School (in Arizona) planned to wear at a football game, in an effort to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. However the school principal decided to ban the shirts, fearing the slogan was inappropriate.

What do you think? Is it really too much?
i think it pathetic. if they spent more time trying to better educate than being pissy
because you like the sound of your own voice kids would get better educations.
all they have to do is wear their tshirts outside the school at weekends with a placard that says "my principle is a dick"
Are there seriously people in 2011 who're offended by the word "bumps"? I could maybe understand the principle's discomfort if the slogan was "warm those mits/feel these tits" but "feel for lumps, save your bumps"? I've seen smuttier jokes in old black-and-white musicals. I'm sorry but no 21st century human being, no matter how puritanical, has a genuine problem with "bumps". He just likes the sound of his own voice as Bilbo said.
he can kiss my bumps,

it sounds such a childish thing to do
I genuinely wonder how this principal thinks breast cancer vigilance could be discussed, given that bumps is apparently too smutty to be uttered. How in the world would that work? Like charades? I imagine the students would be allowed to talk about it so long as they don't mention any word that actually alludes to breasts Undecided
Use your hands! Check those cans!

This is obviously ridiculous. Someone should check that power-hungry maniac befor ehe destroys any more lives with his BS.
let's check your tits
with my mits