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Full Version: Hallowe'en treat
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Fools Rush In

Darkness swallowed the last daylight.
Fast approached All Hallows e'en.
Mothers called to wayward children
'Haste ye home, ma sweet weans'
Down each dreary, dismal alley
Fear festered in the simpletons
No one ventured out in darkness
Shadows hid where the devil runs.

Save one man, name of Jimmy
Boastful, brave with hair of red
He cried 'I'm afeard of no man living,
I'm afeard of no man dead'
Saying this he bade his woman
'Unbar the door and let me oot'
Heeding not her desperate pleading
He rushed out into the night.

All was stillness. All was silent
Then a scream to curdle blood
Issued from the cloistered alley
Filling all with awful dread.
No one breathed and no one spoke
Small weans trembled in their beds.
Time was balanced on a knife-edge
For those alley-dwelling dregs.

Rat-a-tat-tat, on Jimmy's door
His wench listened, heart in mouth,
Tremulously, softly sobbing,
'Who is that outside ma hoose?'
No reply, no word was uttered,
Thunderous hammering the response.
Creakily the door began to open.
No escape, she'd lost her chance.

She hid her face beneath her apron
Daring not to face the fiend
A blooded bundle rolled towards her
Accompanied by a fearsome scream.
The door closed, and she ran to bolt it
Turned to see what lay before
Her man Jimmy's severed head
Watched her from the hovel's floor.

God was good to gentle Maureen
(So her name you now shall know)
She fell senseless to the ground
Dead to the world, she knew no more.
With the light of morning's dawning
Neighbours saw what they had missed..
Foolhardy Jimmy and his poor mistress
Touched alike by death's cold kiss.
Ugh! But he was a bit of a wimp, really-- surely a Real Hard-boiled Man would not have had to ask his 'wench' to let him go out! Good colorful narrative, Jill -- but I thought it would all be alright! I wondered if you were not tempted to re-cast into someting metrical? But very evocative language. Well done!
This did once end in a stupid......Boo verse......but, I jettisoned it and decided to simply let it be one of the 'camp-fire' tales to scare the kids.

He WAS being macho...he was too lazy to unbar the door himself and ordered her to do it, knowing that she wouldn't want to do such a foolish thing but that she knew better than to disobey her 'lord and master'

Metrical! Metrical!.....it bloomin' well is metrical. I read it aloud (as one must do for such rubbish) and it was perfect.