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Full Version: To FB or not to FB,that's the question
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I'm in a dilemma,lots and lots of people i know are on Facebook ,which i wouldn't mind cutting the crap with,but i have a "natural" aversion towards it,i don't know really why,do you people people have an opinion ?please let me know
This is totally relevant to the other topic I posted Smile

If you really, really don't want to miss out then go for it, but proceed with caution. Only post things you wouldn't mind being public, possibly forever. Facebook reserves the right to use your content, and the rights will still hold even after you delete your account if you share that content with other users who don't delete it.
i don't mind my stuff being public,it's just other people[authoroties] deciding to use it or not i have something against
The thing about Facebook is it's associated with it's dominant user group. Those 100+ visit per day communicators. Similar to AOL in the mid-nineties, FB users have gained a stereotype of being brain-dead posters and chain-letter volunteers. That's because it's true. It's hard to enjoy the good things about FB because of the idiots that tag you in a post every fifteen minutes and send alerts to your phone that only piss you off.
In the last year, I've almost stopped visiting FB entirely, but recently a new format has come about. Thanks to Google+, the Facebook folks got a wake up call about their interface problems. The new setup proportedly allows you to control not only what information you share, but also whose information can bombard your notifications. Previously, you could either be friends publicly with all the sharing and notifications or not. Now, supposedly it's better. I still haven't taken time to check it out, but my iPhone app automatically updated to the new version and I'll admit it looks better.
The advantages to FB are many. One is when I'm trying to hit on a girl, I used to ask for her phone number, but now I'd rather have her friend request. Then I can go on her page and check out all her pics and see if she posts retarded shit or airs her dirty laundry in her status. Big Grin I'm always up on technology when it can be used to get women.
Thanks for the info,Mark
that's what i understood,if you're a friend of a friend then her,his friends are also your friends,snowball effect that scares me,am i right?
Not really. Even before, you could control who could post to your wall, see your pics/posts/whatever as long as they weren't your friend Just because you are friends with someone doesn't mean you are friends with all their friends, but you will get suggestions to befriend these people if you know them. That's one of the good things about FB: you can be a nazi and block anybody who bothers you or be a friend whore. It's up to you. I can't really say how it works now, but from what I can tell it's adapted from Google+ which had even more control over what you were sharing and with whom. For instance, there are (and have been) groups that can be completely private and unmoderated on FB. You could set one up for a group of friends and essentially make a tiny, personal forum on FB.
yes,i've been invited to join a group like that and i'm very tempted.

it's ofcourse not so easy to reject somebody you know as a friend since you really don't want to hurt anybody
Exactly. There is a moral dilemma associated with an annoying family member that you feel you have to friend, I've been there. The best thing to do is friend them and then 'hide' them from your wall. They will still be able to annoy you if they tag you in pictures or posts, but they will never know they are limited. They can still post to your wall, however. One unlimited portion of FB is the messaging. Anybody can message unless they are explicitly blocked.
all in all it's an extremely clever set up in many ways,commercially,emotionally,etc
clever boys
I could go on and on about how clever it is. Have you seen the movie? The Social Network
i just asked my son,he's got it,i'll watch is soon
(10-27-2011, 12:23 PM)srijantje Wrote: [ -> ]i don't mind my stuff being public,it's just other people[authoroties] deciding to use it or not i have something against

Then you'll definitely have an issue with FB. Here's part of what they have to say regarding content you post on Facebook:

"For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it."

Nice. Also, they basically reserve the right to peruse, use, and process info people provide on facebook, and use it as data/ consumer profiling for their advertisers. As long as they exclude individuals' names, they don't count that as breaking privacy.

However, if you are willing to deal with all of that then there are certainly benefits. It's indeed a very easy way to keep touch and interact with family and friends, not to mention practically everybody is on facebook. And as Mark posted, one of the advantages of facebook can also be what's intimidating about it: if you don't manage the stuff you put up on FB (which most people rarely do), then you're potentially making public to people you barely know things that you normally won't share with them.
yes,the first part of your post is exactly one of the reasons i haven't joined yet,it's unbelievable actually,why are they demanding this right other than for commercial value?why not being nice?are these fucks not rich enough already,thinking about it i rather not see the movie
Addy is right, but that's not the only reason they have that policy. Let's say you created an account, uploaded a few pictures and then deleted said account. The information policy is to avert any legea attempts to remove those pictures and swears off legal obligation for the FB staff to remove those pictures. That being said, they are some tricky marketing bastards with way more ambition than scruples.
well,they sure have enough money to hire the most devious bastards in the world,the thing is why should greed increase when you get wealthier?
Why should? or why does? To become wealthy one can work very hard, but to become filthy rich you've got to inherit either money or a very greedy set of genetics. imo Big Grin
thanks Mark,i thought there was something wrong with me.
b.o.t.less and less inclined to become a member of the all over FB,but what about a private group,is that different?
i doubt it. and i think to join a group you have to join fb (i think)
That's right. Then you join a bunch of games and apps that have access to all your info and pics. There is fine print that says they can access your data when your not even playing.
right,forget it
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