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Full Version: What time is it?
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What time zone do you live in/post from? Just post the current time where you are. Compare the time others posted with the post's time stamp to see the difference.

It is 12:48 PM Oct 26 here in Alabama, USA
18:59pm, Oct. 26 in England
05:32 27th October in Queensland, Australia.
philippines: 4:28 AM
India,7.48 AM, 27th nov
november? c'mon sj . . . you ain't that far away Hysterical
he's a time lord Hysterical

it's now 11 14 AM here 27th oct
I know it makes me sound simple-minded, but it still messes with me that it's morning there and night here. I can't ever keep up with it.
Oh it's 10:52pm here
i've just been oxygen starved for 3 weeksBig Grin
First of November, 4:35 pm here in the philippines Smile
So, it would seem that 4:12pm in Queensland is the time people bugger off from the site altogether... Sad
that's sort of 11.45 am here,time to do a few things

4:10 am in Baytown, Texas, USA (same time zone as Mark)

               < time > 
       the shadow of the building 


       as the sun forms it 
       into the hand of a giant clock

       grabbing the day 
       and pushing it to one side
                 - - -

nice one,Ray
5:35am and I want to go back to sleep Sad
funny,i had the same this morning
Except I can't just go back to sleep AngryAngryAngry