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Full Version: Salmond: wave power almost ready for mass consumption
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moby cock

Quote:Salmond's strategy is based on rapidly increasing its stake and eventual overall share, to help hit his ambitious target to generate 100% of Scotland's electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Source
the whole story is an interesting read.
my question is this, why doesn't government put in the 200 billion pounds needed (see the article) and create jobs at the same time, they would also be able to compete with the power generators we already have that rip us off, and recoup the 200 billion in a relatively short period of time, (Greece won't be paying it's its debts for twenty fuckin years if at all) i guarantee that if the gov said it was going into the wave generating industry to make cash, the electric companies would be up in arms shouting"that's not fair, we should be the one's doing the investing in power" it's about time we fucked off the power barons and actually competed with them. later on after the gov had recouped it's money it could sell the wave industry off for a fat profit. just think, all that money spent on oil and coal could be spent of other stuff like drugs and booze and bawdy women etc.

A lot of bussiness shouldn't be in the hands of corporations,power is one of them
There are 5million Scots, including everyone, babies and gibbering idiots. Check my maths, someone, I am no good at big numbers. 200 billion= 200,000,000,000. Cancel out the millions, we have 5 into 200,000 = 40,000 a head, or say, 80,000 per household.

It seems a good idea, and I know from experience that the water around Orkney is as fierce as you will find -- in the Pentland Firth,say. Whether the Orcadians enjoy being bullied around by Scots, and having their resources filched is another matter. Are there many Scots with this sort of cash tucked up their sporran? Does Salmond perhaps remember the last great escapade of the Scots, a bit of light colonialism in Panama, or somewhere-- which led to bankruptcy, and the Act of Union?