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after last weeks hassle with powercuts etc.Billy suggested i should put a picture up.here is the view from my place.let's have a look at yours[Image: 1266150252020257100.jpg]
one of the swimming pools.
[Image: n_a]
entrance way.
[Image: n_a]

2nd pool

[Image: n_a]

the apartment

[Image: n_a]
i'll put some more in later.

sorry for them being blurry, a female too them Tongue
[Image: 1266203786006827500.jpg]

front,spring i think
the farm,we're not living there at the moment,so no veg.garden[Image: 1266299382038477400.jpg]
is it because of the weather?
i like it.
no,we moved down 6 years ago for the childrens education,we'll go back in another year or so and rent or sell the place we live now,i go up regularly to hang out and drink beer