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Full Version: Should smoking be illegal?
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There are reasons for it to be kept legal (huge tobacco industry, individual freedom), but nothing that couldn't be applied to other substances that have been made illegal despite being arguably less harmful to the public (with cigarettes second-hand smoke is a big issue).

We have laws that forbid people from recklessly endangering their life/ the lives of others. It's been long established fact that there is direct correlation between cigarette smoking and throat / lung disease ... it's cause and effect, period. Should cigarettes be banned for good, or do we let new generations get hooked?
the arguments are heavy both for and against. on the one hand free will on the other, you're often infringing on other peoples. if they allow tobacco why not weed. booze is a know killer and it's allowed. i can foresee a time when tobacco is illegal anywhere. when that happenes the gove of certain countries like the uk will have to find something else to tax. as an ex smoker i think it should be allowed in the streets and open spaces. it should be banned from homes with children.
It's true, there are good arguments for and against. I myself would have been inclined to say keep it legal. But then as I was formulating the question for the thread, I got to thinking about how future generations would look upon the issue. I imagine our great grandkids asking "Hey, if you guys already knew in your time that cigarettes were poisonous why didn't you stop it?" and I don't think I personally could give a satisfactory excuse
i remember saying to myself and other, i'll be okay and who wants to live forever.

i realize i said the latter because i thought i would Smile i think if you want to do it then fine but do it where non smokers don't have to do it with you.
i'm personally in favour of banning cars,they're poisoning me and the atmosphere