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Full Version: the american deficit
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will the reach an agreement and which way do you think it should go?
Quote:Responding to Republican demands to slash spending before they agree to raise the nation's debt ceiling, Obama has signaled that he supports an ambitious plan to reach $4 trillion, mostly through cuts but also with revenue increases. The intent is to pave the way for Congress to raise the ceiling before August 2. If there is no action by that date, the government could begin defaulting on its obligations.

Vice President Joe Biden has led discussions on this topic with eight congressional leaders from the two parties, the latest of which started around 6 p.m. Sunday at the White House.

The tenor of these talks took a negative turn about 24 hours earlier when House Speaker John Boehner said Republicans could not support a major deal as long as Obama and Democrats insist on increasing taxes. He said that any such revenue-raising initiative would prevent the bulk of Republicans from supporting a more ambitious deal, even if it was one including cutting spending and reforming entitlement programs such as Medicare.
At this point they're just pretending they have a choice.
yes i agree but if the republicans stick to their guns the democrats will have to back down and concede less harsh cuts, specially for the rich, they may also have to resend some part of the health gains they made.
Actually, the government will NOT shut down, it's all a power play. Not only is Obama's deadline false, but after WWII the deficit in this country was 158 times the GDP - we pulled out of it. The problem is not raising the debt ceiling. For starters, the Federal Reserve is illegal and unconstitutional. Continuing to churn out money is weakening our dollar from the inside out. Aside from that, the immensity of the federal govt at this moment is unsustainable, and should be slashed immediately. A balanced budget is possible, and the proposed amendment should be passed. There is a movement to cut the electorates salaries - I am all for it. "Career politician" was not part of our framework until the past century. It is truly an abomination, one that chokes average citizens.
The scare tactic of cutting social security is also a misnomer and outright media frenzied propaganda - social security is funded through a separate payroll tax. Cutting Medicare is likely another alarmist measure, but if it happens more people will simply wind up with Medicaid - also paid for through a payroll tax. Very few people here see the "health gains" - the citizens at large opposed the Health Care bill and it is in the process of being repealed (attempted, at least). It is quite unconstitutional, and as someone with an insurance background i can assure you if put into affect it will NOT fix anything. The basic flaws in the system were ignored. The measures that have already been implemented have resulted in such high taxes and fees for employers many companies have been forced to freeze hiring and lower hours from full to part time - which does not help the already faltering economy.

Tax cuts for the rich are not as shiesty as they appear when one simply says "tax cuts for the rich" - they are largely tax cuts for business and industry. While many don't understand them, many see them as a way to free up such larger entities to add new positions.

hope it was a false alarm.

if an agreement isn't made the usa will be downgraded and have to pay much more on their debt. which will add billions to it.and some thing may not be paid, ss will be as will be paid as well as some other things, but some stuff will def not get paid.
My point was, most of what is being reported is total BS. It is an attempt to throw everyone into an uproar and power grab further.
I am pretty convinced our credit rating being downgraded and the lowering of the dollar has been intentional. The first things to not get paid should not be programs people have been forced to pay into their entire lives = inflated bureaucracies, political salaries and travel expenses, the pork written into various bills, etc should be the things to go. I don't know how it is being reported globally, but a large contingent of the US voters are sick and tired of the bloated system that has been growing for the past 100 years - both Republicans and Democrats in office are in jeopardy of being voted out. The parties are basically the same greedy entity these days.

It was a false alarm. My husband runs every morning @ 5AM. I thought he slept in this morning, totally missed him because he headed out the back door. He he run through a bunch of mud and was knocking his shoes against the house - scared the shit outta me!!!
hehe, thats good news then.

i have to say if i were a yank i'd be a democrat. that said i agree that both parties are taking the piss.
the pork should go by at least 90%. i honestly can't see them not paying the ss or the armed forces etc. that would be detrimental to both parties. i'm not sure either would want the economy downgraded as that would make the debt much greater. i for one would love a lower dollar
It would make the debt greater, the people would suffer...and power grabbing would be imminent. There are many things American citizens have refused to allow or accept, and decimating the country would make it easier for the fed to run amok. A starving people will agree to almost anything.

I'm Libertarian. What Republicans used to be. Very limited government, states rights, individual liberties and freedom. Legalize drugs, get the govt our of personal decisions such as salt, sugar, porn, gay marriage, etc.
i'd say even if they reach an agreement, they'll get their rating lowered.
i think they want to take it to wire so one or the other can say they gave in in order to save a catastrophe.
i think this time they went to far.