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Full Version: Mother-in-Law from Hell
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After meeting her stepsons betrothed, London PA Heidi Withers, celebrated Devon flower breeder Carolyn Bourne sent her an email attacking her lack of manners: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2...mail-viral
What are your thoughts on this? Was Miss. Withers ill-behaved, or did Mrs. Bourne cross the line?
hehe, i suppose the saying "we only wants what best for our child" is the truism here.
at the end of the day she's not such a nice person. that said neither is the person who made it public.
were it my mum in law, i'd take it with a pinch of salt. as for crossing the line. she did but only because the email was made public. in private we all say things we don't want others to hear. jmo
I think Ms. Withers did indeed commit some very unfortunate faux pas (personally I wouldn't go as far as to say gold digger, she just got a bit too comfortable and presumptuous considering for her host's tastes), instances of poor form which certainly couldn't escape the attention of a reputable family and mum-in-law that has high standards. Was the email fair, maybe not completely, but it's not really for us to judge since it was supposed to be a private letter, and, while harsh, was not intended to publicly humiliate the girl. It was pretty cold, but in the end, it was a private family affair and there's a reason why aloof in-laws are a stereotype Smile
My ex-mother-in-law (one of the really good benefits of divorce is that I no longer have to put up with her) was probably a bigger bitch than Mrs Bourne, for a good deal less reason. Her husband, a massive perv if truth be known, once commented while I was pregnant that I'd need to beep when reversing soon. I told him that at least I had an excuse for my belly. My MIL interfered with "you need to learn that you should respect your elders, you rude child".

Just cos she got knocked up by a truckie when she was 16 doesn't make her the expert on manners... Smile
i actually liked my mil,a real tough old bird
mine was from the proverbial hell. liked to smile in your company and be nasty piece of work when you'd gone.
the sad truth is, most mums love their kids and dislike their kids partners because they're not good enough.
where as dads don't seem to worry as much.
I like my current mother-in-law, she's a 23-hour flight away Smile
i left her ....still visit her daughter cos she's still my friend and mum of my girls but thankfully i can now ignore her or tell ehr to f off,

she lives as far away from me as yours does Smile
mine is in heaven,how far is that?
thats almost as far away as hell